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Perhaps, dear reader, you are disappointed to learn that Writer’s Café is not an actual pub. My apologies if this is the fact.

Writer’s Café is the software I use to write. I don’t only use it to write my stories, I also use it for my private journal, to collect ideas, names, plots, and pictures that sparked an interest in me. Pictures can help bring a story to life – but that is a tangent that does not belong here.

When I began writing, I used OpenOffice writer. OpenOffice is a free Office suite that runs on many platforms (and by now is overtaken by LibreOffice). This went well for a while, but at a certain point it was becoming hard to keep track of parts of stories, locations, character descriptions and more things that I discovered an author needs and does.

Friends in writing mentioned that there were specific programs to make writing easier, so I went out to look. Now my particular issue is that I want software that runs on Linux. I am quite a technical person (work related as well as out of sheer interest) and I use Linux since many years.  After several searches I discovered Writer’s Café.

Writer's Café main screen
Writer's Café - main screen

Writer’s Café runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Whatever system you have, you can put Writer’s Café to work on it. (I even use it on my little netbook.)

Writer’s Café has tonnes of options for an author. Writing stories, of course, is the main task. You can write them in chapters, or in scenes that make up chapters. There are provisions to detail characters and locations. There is a part where you can jot down notes, or create scrapbooks with ideas, links, images etc, and many more options. You can read all about the program itself at the Writer’s Café website.

Writer’s Café is translated in several languages already (even in Dutch, I was responsible for that). If you run into a problem, or you have a question, Julian (who programmed Writer’s Café) is easily available through the mailing-list that exists for Writer’s Café users. It is good to say that the list is amazingly low-volume. It shows that not many people run into snags with the software.

Not only does Writer’s Café run nicely on all kinds of platforms, you can also configure the program to use e.g. a flash-drive / USB-stick as it’s base for your work. That way you always have your work available, wherever you go. You can even install the program on the removable device, so you have that with you everywhere as well.

Have you become curious about Writer’s Café? On the website you can download a trial version, so you can explore all its possibilities yourself.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Café…”

  1. Paul, thanks for writing this. I see Scrivener fans doing it all the time. Time to stand up for Writer’s Cafe too. It’s a grand piece of software.

  2. This software sounds like what I’ve been looking for. Though I’m not a writer and have never been published (other than in Letters to the Editor or on my blog) I do have a dream. Perhaps someday that dream may come true but until it does I will continue to dream.

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