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On this site you can learn about the books that I’ve written so far: about Hilda the Wicked Witch, Lily Marin the singer with a dark alter ego (Steampunk), and several Science Fiction and Fantasy titles I have released so far. And if you want to know more about what’s happening, there is always my weblog and the convenient menu bar at the top of each page.

My latest publications.

There was a ghost that left damage. Lots of it.

Hilda and William of course lend a hand to fix things up and meet someone who will have a great impact on the citizens of Sunrise. Who is this person? Where is she from?

Next to these questions, Hilda, William and another magical person come to the rescue of Rapunzel, discover architectural surprises in two magical sisters, and face the problem of addressing the Squeamish once again.

Join our wicked witch and her partner as they embark on a new adventure. Rapunzel is ready to let her hair down for you.

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In this sequel to “Wanted: hero” we follow Sabas and his alien bride Reny as they are looking for their own home. When they receive an invitation to visit the Souverein and his family again, they are immediately up for the journey there.

A concert and meeting someone who works in a library are the starting points for an adventure into an area on Nilib-6 that Sabas has never heard of. Remarkable encounters and unexpected discoveries are the fast paced elements of this new trip for the two.

Will they ever get home? Why do they go up in the air? And will Sabas and Reny succeed in becoming parents? You can find the answer to these and more questions in “Wanted: adventurer”.

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Yes. Dragons.

They play a big role in this new book in the Hilda (and William) series. We‘ll find out what can happen with a certain book, we‘ll learn a surprise fact about King Walt and Queen Velma, and many characters you already know return to the party.

Enjoy reading the Book Of Dragons. It‘s going to be quite the journey!

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  1. Dear Paul, Several things in the article in the “Gelderlander” excited my interest and I share some of your qalities. English always has been easy
    on me so that I saythat I probably lived in England in a previous life. Also
    I write easily but I never wrote a book. I did translate an English book . It is mainly about Albert Schweitzer and it is written by a friend of mine whom
    I met in Tanzania when both working there. If you are interested I can mail
    it to you. I hope you’ll find time to answer me. Greetings Octavie

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