Cover reveal – Hilda 12

Dear reader,

In anticipation of the new Hilda the Wicked Witch book, I’m very happy to show you the cover of this newest member of the Hilda-book-family!

Cover for Hilda the Wicked Witch book 12

The e-book itself will be available as of January 18th, 2014, the paperback as soon as possible after that. Next week around this time: the first chapter of the new book will appear here, as an appetiser. 🙂

“As usual Hilda and William run into adventures, and this time into severe problems as well. They will find out what it takes to go against a witch we know, in a very extreme way! What would you do with 150 horses?”

The cover for Nanowrimo.

Dear Reader,

Even though I am still in the middle of writing this year’s NANOWRIMO story (an urban fantasy), I have the pride and pleasure to present the cover for the new book already:
Clara's Eyes Cover

It’s designed by the wonderful artist Renée Barratt of “The Cover Counts“, and I’m eager to put the book together with the cover, so I’d better get writing again!