Are you a writer and a blogger?

Dear reader,

if the title of this post applies to you then there is a new book on the horizon that can help you to come up with things to write about on your blog!


On November 1st, Kai Viola will bring out her new book “365 blogging topics for writers: A year of ideas for your blog”. It is the first one in a series that will be called “The Writer’s Guide To…”

Stuck on what to blog? Need some ideas and perhaps the best style of article to use with the ideas? Need some tips on writing for your blog? 
We’ve got you covered. 365 blogging topics for writers gives you a solid foundation to create content on your blog.

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The joys of writing.

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered why writers write? Wouldn’t they rather sit back with a good book and enjoy that?

Well, most writers I know love that too. Many writers however have this collection of stories in their head that scream to get out, just like a painter has an urge to pick up the brushes and create a work of art, or a musician who can’t sleep until the bits of a tune in his or her head have been quieted down on a sheet of music paper.

Of course I only speak for myself when I say that writing helps me relax and think a lot. Events from real life, things of the world, but also silly ideas pop up, and most of them will somehow find their way into a story. Most of them will be disguised that they are beyond recognition for someone who reads the story, but that is part of the fun and joy for me; to stick something that is a problem or an issue for me into a story, without burdening the reader with it. It’s truly like a release of emotions, this story-writing.

And then there is the knowledge that somewhere in this world there are people who simply feel better after reading something I wrote. And in that, I know, I’m not the only one. What more reward can a person have than to do something (s)he likes very much, and in the same effort brighten the day of other people?

Sometimes people ask me where I get the inspiration and the ideas from. Well, for me they are in everything I hear, see and read. And that can be a problem, because that makes that there is a lot to write. Although… problem… as long as I love it, it can’t be a problem. I just need the motivation and the strength to keep doing it, and that is inherent to writing for me, at this moment. In the words of the far too early deceased Sylvia Plath:

Silvia Plath


“Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”


Writers and their books

Dear reader/writer,

buymybookYou may be part of plenty of groups on various forums where writers come together to discuss books, writing, technique, options, possibilities and other things that are part of the book-writing business. And not only the writing is part of books, also the part where they need to be brought to attention and sold are often matters of discussion on these forums. All that I understand very very well.

What I still can’t fathom however is, that many a writer has this desperate urge to tell all those other writers that she or he wrote this book and that it is a good one and that everyone should buy it, or at least consider buying it.

My question to this, time after time, is: WHY? Why do writers try to flog their books to other writers? Because it’s easy on such media? Because they hope to get new fans for their work? I guess those are among the reasons. I avoid things like that. On a writer’s forum/group/list people talk about their writing and stories often enough to know what they’re doing (if you pay some attention). It’s hardly any trouble to look up the work of a writer that sounds interesting (we have Google, we have Bing, we have Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and so on). Most of these options offer personal messages to ask for something more precise.

Also, most writers have a website or a weblog on which they talk about their work, their books. It’s even easy to look up the name of an author on Smashwords, Barnes&Noble or Amazon.

I may have a diagonal attitude to this. I shan’t try to sell my books to other writers who know I’m a writer. They’ll find me if they’re interested.