Friendship. From something I wrote this morning

Where does friendship start and end?

Friendship. Where does it start and end?
For Hilda, friendship ended where pink began… (Hilda 25)

This morning I wrote this. If you know anything about Hilda, you know her negative love for pink. This sentence just popped up and it made me laugh. I still laugh about it now, and it’s been hours since I wrote it down the first time.

Friendship is something amazing

Have you ever noticed how easy some friendships are? And how difficult others can be? I don’t have many close friends, but the ones I do have are the ones I can count on through thick, thin and anything in between.

It’s the same with Hilda. For her, friends are either there 100% or they are not friends. Then they are acquaintances or even ordinaries. If you’re in the last league, you’re nowhere.

It’s interesting to think about such things regarding the characters in a book. Hilda and William are not the easiest ones to be friends with, with them being magicals in Fairyland.

Baba Yaga? She is in the Hilda league of friendship as well.

Will Kobie be different?

Kobie 1 english - Witch's Training
Kobie’s first adventure

Next week Saturday a new witch-book will appear. It’s about Kobie, who is going to have an encounter with witchcraft as well.

We’ll see how her friendships develop. I can tell you that she is not limiting herself to purple, though. Pink is not a problem for her.

I hope you will have a great day with a lot of reading pleasure!


Witches float my boat. Or do they fly my broom?

Witches got me started.

Hilda the Wicked Witch
The first one

All you faithful followers of this erratic and occasionally updated blog will be aware that I have this thing with witches. In fact my whole writing/publishing ‘career’ started with a witch we all know. Grimhilda the Wicked Witch. Hilda for friends.

Here you see the very first cover of the very first story. My, a lot has changed…

And now there’s a new witch on the block!

Ladies and gentlemen alike… may I present…

Kobie Ketelaars. A new witch?

Some of you may already know Kobie. She started life in Dutch but I thought it so much fun that I have rewritten her story into English.

What can I tell you about Kobie?

Kobie’s up for her second and hopefully last attempt to pass her exams. She’s not the most zealous student so this presents a serious challenge. What she loves is to read – especially about witches. She would go through lengths to be a witch herself, so she devours anything about the subject she can get her hands on.

Her life is an ordinary one, almost to the point of boring, until she comes across a book with the title “Witch’s Training”. She has to have this book, and that tome has more in store for her than she could have hoped for. In her heart Kobie knows witches and magic don’t exist but this book is set on proving the opposite!

Can Kobie become a witch with the help of “Witch’s Training”? If yes, how does that come about? Strange happenings and a kidnapping are suddenly part of Kobie’s life, making it far more exciting than she had ever wished for.

So there you have it. A new book is set to appear. The date of dates for Kobie is March 7th, so it will be a while, but no worries: time passes quickly these days!

An update on the Nanowrimo goings on.

Yes, dear reader, it’s still going strong. Nanowrimo in all its madness. And I’m still working on both stories, the English one and the Dutch one. The Dutch one has taken the lead in word count but that’s fine. Both stories are about witches, my favourite subject.

The story of Baba Yaga surprised me quite a lot already. I hope it will do so for you as well but you’ll have to wait for it “a little longer”. It’s not done yet, which is one of the best reasons. 😉

I hadn’t thought that Babs’ journey would be such an interesting one. I can’t emphasise it enough: it is not a fun and laughter story like the Hilda books but it feels like a very good story.

So far I’ve written 62.000 words of the needed 50.000 but considering that I’m doing 2 stories I am aiming for 100.000 words of course. Well, let’s get on with it (after chasing my cat Obsi through the hall a few times; he’s begging for that!)

Obsidian (a.k.a. Obsi)