I am William. I became a wizard.

Doesn’t that intro title hit you like something from Alcoholics Anonymous?

It’s true though. The weird thing is I wasn’t a wizard always.

I used to be a fairly regular guy from Pennsylvania, with a regular education and a regular job. I bought and sold books. Usually special books. I loved (and still love) books.

What got me into books? Better ask who. Some writers have the ability to pull you in.

The ones I liked did so and thus my love for the written word was born. Some people live for the smell of coffee in the morning (I know; I’m married to one these days). Give me tea and a book.

In a while I’ll come back and tell you a bit more about myself. Got to fly now. (No kidding!)

Christmas and stuff

Hi folks,

William the wizard here for a change. Hilda and I would like to take the opportunity to wish all of you a magical Christmas with lots of fun, happiness, good food and wine – even if you have to water it down a bit, you know. It’s something you get used to see.

To stay in the spirit a bit Hilda asked me to get you a bit of present, a bit of Christmas and a bit of dragon, so there you go.

Christmas Dragon

And of course no festive day is complete with cats.


Happy holidays everyone. And keep things shiny! (Guess who made me say that.)

William the Wizard.

Wizard checking in. About cats.

Hi there.

You probably know we have cats. Two of them, black as can be except their eyes.
Do you know how tough it is to have cats that possess magic?

Hilda and I are still baffled about how we ended up with them. One day you’re battling an evil witch and the next day you fly off with cats that somehow got involved in the fight and since then act as if they were part of the plan and your life from the beginning. It took some getting used to them. Just like it took me some time to get used to being a wizard instead of a book salesman. But as with everything, if you’re exposed to it long enough you learn to love it. Or it kills you. So far we’ve been on the lively end of that scale.

Do you have cats? Magical ones?

Wizard checking in – Herbs, and what not to do.

Hey, it’s you again. Isn’t that grand, because it’s me again as well.

Today I thought I’d tell you a bit about herbs. Not because you know all about them already, but because I am learning about them. Here in Fairyland there are lots more herbs than you can shake a stick at. I’m certain there are even more than in your world out there, but I’m not taking bets, okay?

Hilda’s keen on herbs. She uses them. There are herbs in the garden for that reason. Well, garden is perhaps overstated, but the herbs are there, almost all around the house.

I never knew much about these things before I came here. Hilda taught me a lot of stuff, also (mostly) about the herbs you have to be careful with. Some of them put you to sleep for a while, some do that forever. No, they don’t kill you; they literally put you to sleep forever. Weird thought, isn’t it? Of course there are also herbs to kill people, like the 6-leaf clover, but we don’t use them. Not so far, anyway. This particular clover is a tricky one, by the way. It looks like a 4-leaf one. The other 2 are folded away beneath the 4. Always pays to watch one of them carefully when you collect stuff for clover soup!

Wizard checking in – about trees and Ents

Hi folks,

quill&inkIt’s me again, William the Wizard, all the way from Fairyland.

I’ve decided that this world and your world have something in common: not everything is what it seems. And the worrying thing is that this goes for here more than for there where you are. At least you folks can rely on something being a tree when you see one. Gods, those were the days. Here you have to check twice in some cases. Remember the Ents from Tolkien’s stories? They’re real. They’re here.


And believe me, you’ll do anything to stay on good terms with these guys.

They’re not just tree-things. They live, they think and they influence more than you’d say at first. Almost everything made of wood will listen to them. Got that picture? Now imagine you pissed one off and you’re flying along on your broom. Remember what real brooms are made of? See, I knew you were clever like that!

A few days ago the sweetwitch and I were visiting one of her friends, who’s almost one of mine by now too, and she told us how she’d heard that a friend of hers had seen how an Ent slapped at a passing sorcerer. Nope, that wasn’t a pretty sight from what she told us. So here’s my wise-guy advise for you guys: be careful around trees. If they get you, they get you for real!


Wizard checking in

Hi folks,
quill&inkSome of you may have seen that I somehow managed to get through to this world through Hilda’s crystal ball. Not knowing more or better I put up a few bits of information on another weblog. But then the impossible happened! Our scribe came to visit! Yeah, we’re still shocked and stunned about that. (Best not to let him know that, or he’ll think we didn’t appreciate it, and it was a good laugh for us. Afterwards.)

He should have known better than to just knock on the door and all that, but there he was. And we weren’t.

Well, all that got settled, he survived and now it’s business as usual. With a small change. The scribe thought it better to put my experiences down here, so before he left we managed to do something to the things inside the crystal ball and now I can write down my things here, isn’t that all kinds of magical?