Book review – Maze. By Katya Mills

Title: Maze
Author: Katya Mills
Genre: Urban fantasy
Rating: 4books(Note that 4 stars is good.)

Maze is the sequel to Daughter of Darkness. Maze is written in the same fast, powerful style. Ame, the main person from Daughter of Darkness, gives the reader her look on life, humans (because she is different) and what they do to each other. Her life hasn’t been easy and in book two things have changed for Ame, but not always for the better.

Join Ame in the next stage in her life. Learn about the way she looks at everything and the ways in which she tries to help others.

Francis and Frankie

Yes, it is here, dear reader. The new book. An urban fantasy that allows you a peek into the life of a writer. Note that not all writers have a cat like Francis has!

Francis and Frankie 320The book is available in the following places:

Smashwords, AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Apple iTunes.

The paperback will take a little more time but it will come!


The new stuff in a new way. Francis and Frankie.

Dear reader.

Allow me to present to you the cover of the next book that will appear:

Francis and Frankie

I probably won’t surprise you with the title: “Francis and Frankie”. (Although for a while it might be “Frankie and Francis”.) I’m going a different road with this book and I’ll see if I like it. (Do you notice I don’t take your feelings about this into account? Good.) Today is the showing of not only the cover but also the first chapter! And the book should see the light of the e-book stores next weekend. I’ve decided not to wait for the paper version to be done this time. That is a lot to process I guess, even for me, but somehow, together, we’ll get through this. So, if you are ready for more, do click the following link to catch the first chapter!

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Clara’s Eyes is now available!

Dear reader

With joy and pride I’m here to tell you about yet another book that has appeared on the e-shelves of many stores around the internet.

Small cover Clara's EyesClara’s Eyes is available as of now.

You can find the book on, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble already. If you prefer a paperback copy, you can find that at

Ron Brooks is a painter from a small town in Virginia. When he’s contacted by a large art corporation in Manhattan, his life makes a big turn into what promises to be a fantastic direction. Even an exhibition lies in his future. While he works on making a living and a name for himself, strange things happen in his personal life as well. A painting that proves to be more than just a painting is the start of more twists and turns than Ron could have imagined. Welcome to the world of painting and big money while you look into Clara’s Eyes.