L. Lily Marin #AtoZChallenge


L. Lily Marin

Dear reader,

You may be familiar with this lady. She appears in 6 short stories that I wrote. They are in the steampunk genre, and to my surprise they were quite well received. That unexpected success gave me the motivation to write a proper novel about this woman who is a singer in daytime and resembles a steampunk heroine at night.

Why steampunk? I’ve loved steampunk since I discovered it. It’s an amazing coming together of (mainly Victorian) history and science fiction, where scientists (mad or in another variety), airships, courtesy and the most outrageous inventions become a possibility.

Lily Marin Novel Cover

And while I’m mentioning Lily Marin and steampunk, let me inform you that the book is well on its way, and so I take the liberty to give you a small sneak peek of the cover. 🙂