The Demon Eyes

Waiting, in the open field, surrounded by others. Many others, before and behind me, all focussing on the demon bars that prevent us from going anywhere. The demon bars with their flashing red eyes that keep everyone transfixed…

I want to go. Leave. I can’t be here, shouldn’t be here, I have to be somewhere else – but I can’t. I can’t go, not forward, not backward, because there are so many others. They too want to be somewhere else, but the demon bars, the barriers that keep us where we are, while their red eyes stare at us, blinking, unrelenting, hypnotising…

And then the worst thing of all happens – the master demon, long, rumbling, is approaching us. A few people at the front, closest to the demon bars, don’t seem to notice him. They are certainly under the spell of the eyes. Oh, these terrible flashing eyes! I want to cry out a warning, to tell them he’s coming, but they are too far away. My voice won’t carry over the increasing thunder that precedes the master demon, the huge snake.

But wait! The demon does not halt! The demon must be insane, as it rushes past us all! Is it also hypnotised by the demon bars, with their haunting eyes? Question after question flows into my mind, as my heart sings. There were no victims, no people were taken by the demon snake.

As by magic, the demon bars rise into the air, closing their eyes. Slowly the terror recedes, and carefully the whole group follows the first brave ones to cross the path that the demon snake has travelled. The snake left deep marks, I feel them as my cart crosses the path. Faster, faster, everyone! Make way, make haste! We do not want to be here when the demon bars come back, to tell of another roaring snake!

I urge my cart to greater speed, to leave this place of doom. I dare not glance back, as no one can be certain of the influence of the demon eyes – even when they seem blind now. I dare not stop until I am home…

(This can happen when a writer has to wait for the bloody train too long…)

The Devil’s Diary – 1

Dear reader,

As I already threatened posted earlier, I am going to post the first two chapters of The Devil’s Diary, a new book I am working on to publish.

Again the warning:
It is not for the faint of heart who are very religious and can’t take jokes, puns and other stabs to religions, gods and other creatures belonging to that.

If you decide to read on, and you are offended – my apologies, but that’s life. And in that case the book is not for you. (Chapter 2 will appear in a few hours.)

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