Senn. A language and a film.

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Dear reader,

This time I’m not writing about books but about a film and language. I’m fascinated by languages. All kinds of languages including constructed ones (the so called conlangs). I also like science fiction a lot, in writing and in films. That is why I had to see Senn.The film is something you need to experience for yourself. Next to the film itself I also saw the makers’ documentary on the Language of Senn. As you see in the top image there’s not much English in the images. That for me was intriguing already, and to learn that the one of the creators of the film had gone through a lot of work to create the language (in speaking and in writing) was fascinating. Do you remember Tolkien’s Elfish? The Klingon language as made for Star Trek? The Na’vi language for the film Avatar? Britton Watkins did that for Senn. He created the characters, the speech and the grammar. All the signs in the film were adjusted in that language. It was amazing to see how much work had been put into all the details.

Senn is more than just a science fiction film. It shows the observant viewer a lot of what is going on in the world today as well.

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If you are interested in Senn (be it for the film or the language or even both), you can either click the image to the left or follow this link to have a more indepth look at Senn. The site behind the link offers you the option to purchase a Bluray disc of the film, a digital download or select one of the other options. You can see a trailer of Senn there as well.

More about Senn (who created it and more) is available at

If you like science fiction that has something to show and say (in English and in Senn’s local language) then you will like Senn. Still not convinced? Then take the quiz!

How writing a sequel can be scary

Dear reader,

A Girl Named Sandy

I have started to write a sequel to “A Girl named Sandy“. I knew this would happen as I left the ending of the first book wide open. The amazing thing though is that it scared me to start this second book. Why would it scare me to write this next book after putting out so many other books?

The reason may sound too simple: “Sandy” for me is the best book I’ve ever written. Now I am facing the challenge to top that book, or at least make it as good as the first book. And that is not an easy task, the more as I am still at the foot of that mountain I intend to climb.

I’ll keep you informed of the progress that I make, the problems and challenges I encounter and maybe even the great things I discovered!

Gezocht: held. Een Nederlands science-fiction boek.

Dear reader, this is going to be a post in Dutch, my “other” language. Don’t worry, everything is as much under control as it was before. (Maybe you should keep worrying after all.)

Beste lezer,

Het is er dan eindelijk van gekomen. Een boek in het Nederlands. Een science-fiction boek waar hard aan is gewerkt.

Gezocht: held“Gezocht: held” is een boek over een bedrijfsconsultant die van de regen in de drup komt in zijn leven. Een overstroming in zijn kelder (nog meer regen) zorgt ervoor dat zijn hele leven ondersteboven gaat.

“Als Sebastiaan Veldert vreemd licht in zijn kelder ziet weet hij niet wat hem te wachten staat.
Een bizarre reis naar een andere planeet en een onbekend ras wiens planeet bezet wordt door een nog vreemder ras zijn enkel het begin van een ongelofelijk avontuur.

Sebastiaan’s stoutste dromen halen het niet bij wat hem allemaal te wachten staat.”

“Gezocht: held” is momenteel enkel te koop als e-boek, aan de papieren versie wordt echter hard gewerkt.

Het e-book is momenteel te koop via (helaas is de cover-afbeelding daar nog steeds niet terecht), Smashwords en alle Amazon winkels voor Kindle-eigenaren. Kobobooks en Barnes&Noble, alsook de Apple iTunes winkel komen zo spoedig mogelijk beschikbaar.

A Girl Named Sandy

Dear Reader,

GirlNamedSandy_320Finally, after literally years of work, the book that started as a dream in Bristol has come to life, and now it’s available online!

For now the e-book is available via and Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobobooks should follow soon!

You can find the paperback on


I’m busy with words.

Dear reader,

It’s a bit insane at the moment. I may have written a little too much lately! At the moment I am slowly doing final checks on a story which will be named “A girl named Sandy (and then things changed)”. It’s a science fiction involving aliens, spaceships and an astrophysicist. And no, his name is not Sandy. This is probably the next book that comes out when Hilda 12 is in the stores. The story starts like this:

“Doctor Carmichael, please tell me that this was an accident.”

Paul Eric Carmichael, the man who was supposed to answer the question, was still blinking his eyes after the blinding flash that had come from the monitor. “It was an accident, professor. I hope you are content with that.”

“I am certainly not. Are you in any way aware of the cost of the equipment that you just attempted to reduce to useless parts?” the first man asked. This was Professor Doctor Sams, leading the astrophysics department of the University of Bristol.

“Hardly attempted,” a third voice joined the conversation from behind a moderate mountain of displays and measuring equipment, on which most lights had gone out. “Sorry, professor, but it looks as if we actually managed it.”

I’m also working on correcting the Dutch version of the “Sebastian” stories, which includes altering many things in the English version as well. That story might get the title: “Wanted: hero. Experience optional“, but that’s not certain yet. Those two books are up for publication after “A girl named Sandy“. And after those I’ll get to work on the Nanowrimo story of last year, “Clara’s Eyes“. That requires a lot of rework. And in between all those projects I’ll continue writing Hilda 13 and try to finish the novel about Lily Marin.



Dear reader,

I agree that “Bristol” is a very strange title for a blog post. Still it has significance for me. It’s a reference to a story that I dreamed of when I was in Bristol in 2012. One night I had a dream about a story, dismissed that as not important, and two days later I was writing like crazy to get the story’s mainline down. It took a while, but today my editor returned the last set of chapters to me and her response to the entire story was:

I loved it, was really good and a good few twists and turns that kept it interesting and I did wonder where it was going at times.

Getting such feedback from an editor is a good sign, I hope the story will be as good for everyone who reads it. I’m now going on with looking over her edit-remarks, change a bunch of things she pointed out (consistency sometimes runs off to play outside) and I’m going to see if I can decide on a proper title for the story. Just “Bristol” isn’t exactly something that appeals as the title for a science fiction story, I think.

Do let me know if you think differently. And with this post I’m leaving you to enjoy the last bits of 2013 (unless you already moved on, in which case I wish you happy 2014)!

Unveiling: Green Haven

Dear reader,

It’s with pride that today I can uncover the cover (and yes, pun intended) for my new Science Fiction book “Green Haven“, a story set in a “Bladerunner”-like environment.


The appearance of The Black Flyer, a television super hero, shakes up the city of Green Haven. A group of role playing gamers wonders why the police and the army are apparently helpless against this super hero who doesn’t act like his TV original and decide to take him on themselves.

Green Haven (the e-book) is scheduled to appear on March 16th 2013.