Book review – A graveyard for lunatics

Graveyard for lunaticsTitle: A Graveyard for Lunatics: Another Tale of Two Cities

Author: Ray Bradbury

Genre: Mystery

Rating: 5 of 5

Fantastic read by Ray Bradbury. Of course I am biased; I love everything I’ve read by him. This story takes the reader into the innards of a film studio where long time ago one of the leaders of that industry died. At least, everyone knows he did. But did he? More and more details about this man come to life after death.

Book review – Zen in the art of writing

Title: Zen in the art of writing
Author: Ray Bradbury
Genre: Non-fiction

Zen in the art of writing is a fantastic book by a fantastic author. In this book Mr. Bradbury describes a lot of his own journey into writing, and along the way he hands advice to (aspiring) writers on what to do and what to avoid (things he learnt during his prolific life).

For me this book was a delight to read and gave me the incentive to keep going no matter what.


Book review – Fahrenheit 451

Title: Fahrenheit 451
Author: Ray Bradbury
Genre: Scifi

This was not my first read of this book. Also not the second. Still I had to read it again and only now I’m reviewing it.


This is a masterfully written book about the future and how people in the future will be ‘trained’ to use their mind. Or perhaps not. The story tells about the adventures of fireman Guy Montag who, at a certain moment in his life, starts thinking about his life, the life of the people around him, and about what he does for a living. Once he gets a grasp on that, everything around him changes.

It’s an old book (published in 1953), and it is shocking to see how many things in this book are happening now, be it not to the extent that Mr. Bradbury described in his novel. If you are interested in the ways of how censorship is applied and also like a good book, I can recommend this book.