Q. Quitting #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingQ. Quitting

Dear reader,

magnify question markQ is a difficult letter at times. This time I want to use it for quitting. This doesn’t mean I’m quitting the writing business, but I want to tell you about how I quit a story. It’s the story about Lester Jones, a Pagan detective. This is the story that doesn’t happen because I quit writing it. Detective stories are not my forte, I discovered that when writing the story. It all went well for a while, but at some point I became tangled up in all the plots, subplots, problems and relations, so I put the story in the refrigerator. Many years (!) later I picked it up again, reworked it, tried to make sense of it and I fell into the same pit. At that point I moved the story back into the refrigerator, but this time it went all the way to the back and now it’s hidden behind many other projects, projects that make sense to me.

Is that the end of the detective story? For now, for the foreseeable future it is. Maybe I come across it when I start cleaning out that area of ‘cold storage’, and perhaps then I get the right idea or spirit for it. Maybe I have encountered the muse called Sleuth then, which can help me finish the story.