Suppose you were able to visit Hilda and William…

Dear reader,

Hilda the wicked witchYes, this is a serious question. Suppose you were able to visit the dynamic duo of magicals and their cats, brooms, the talking house and perhaps even Babs.

What would you ask them?

Where would you like to go with them?

Is there anything else you can think of to do, say, ask or see when you’re there?

You may wonder about all these questions. Perhaps you think that I am running out of ideas and inspiration for the Hilda the Wicked Witch series.

None of that, though, dear reader, none of that at all.

The reason why I ask all this is that it’s the privilege of the (independent) author to ask his or her fans/readers. To get a feeling of what you, distinguished reader, would like to see happening in one of the next Hilda books. For instance, Book 13, Hilda – The House, emerged from a spontaneous e-mail that a fan sent me, asking if there was a possibility to put a little more focus on the House. And behold: it happened.

As you, dear follower of Hilda’s antics, are aware by now, there’s not much that can’t happen in her world, so if you feel you have a great, grand or even a fun idea for something you’d like to encounter together with our two heroes (oh, sorry, the cats insist so make that four heroes) then do let me know, either in the comments below, or take the bold step to send me an e-mail!

Character questions

Dear reader,

A while ago I asked around if there are people who would like to ask a question to one of the characters in my books. Well, now is the time for the answers to be revealed! Here are all the questions, I’ve shortened the names of the questioners to their initials so they can find their question and of course the answer.

QuestionDW – William what do you miss the most of our world besides coffee?

Telephones. Trust me, it’s telephones. This is a really nice place to live in when you’re used to it, but for each and every little thing you have to grab your broom and head out, unless there’s a witch or other magical you want to contact. They usually have a crystal ball or a magical mirror to talk through, but the rest of the area, the wide area, is frustratingly lacking decent communication options. I mean, even if we want to see how the new magical mirror is doing, we have to take a trip to the village! And we’re the lucky ones with brooms. Imagine having to do that with a horse-drawn cart every time. I hope that answers your question!

QuestionJS – I’d ask Hilda if she would teach me to be as amazing as her.

Hey JS, I’m glad you think I’m amazing, because I think so too! There’s a bit of crappedy crap in teaching someone to be  amazing. It’s something you have or you don’t, so let’s hope you have it. If you ever want to come over and see how well you’d do on a broom over a forest against a handful of dragons, you’re always welcome. We have a spare room, the cats are mostly friendly and you might even survive the kitchen. That depends on whether or not the house likes you. (I think house and kitchen work together, you know.)

Question KD – House, why don’t you want your walls pink?

Dear KD, thank you for addressing me. Not many seem to understand that a house has feelings too. I do wish to know what gives you the idea that I don’t want my walls pink? That has never been discussed inside my many walls. So far it has only been purple, and we know where that comes from.

Do you have a question?

Dear reader,

This is a serious question. Do you have a question? One burning question you’d like to ask one of the characters in any of my books? Here’s your chance. If you have a question, please let me know. I’ll have every question answered, provided the character agrees with the question.

You can send me an email,

drop me a note via the  contact-us form,

or let me know directly via facebook

Nanowrimo-issue. A question for my readers.

Dear Reader,

nanowrimoAs I did the last 6 years I intend to venture into the madness of Nanowrimo again this year. After some pondering the subject for this year’s writing craze I remembered having two options last year. As one of them was written then (the history of the Mimosa, readers of Hilda – Lycadea will remember that ship), I thought that writing the other idea would be a good one for this year. It is meant to be a fantasy story about the members of an orchestra. Not your average orchestra of course.

However! Another idea has popped up, thanks to a few mails and mentions. The alternative idea consists of a sequel to Green Haven. This offers possibilities as well.

As you are the ones who will be subjected to the reading of what I write, here is my question to you: what would you like me to use as the Nanowrimo story for 2013?

A: the Orchestra, or
B: the sequel to Green Haven?


Your genre. A round of questions and answers.

Are there any fellow-authors reading this?

I wonder… how did you choose your preferred genre? Is it something you love to read as well? Or is it something you feel competent with, or are knowledgeable about?

And what is your genre? Or do you write in several genres? Do you mix them, or do you feel better to keep them apart so you do not mess up the styles?

Oh – styles, yes, that is another one? If you write several genres, do you have a specific style in which you write a genre, or does that change with the story you intend?

My own ‘answers’ to these are: I do indeed write the genres I like to read. Not all of them, I do limit myself to fantasy, science fiction and steampunk for now. Fantasy has no limits, making it very easy to write. Sci fi does require more knowledge, about what’s possible (or an educated guess about what will be possible). Steampunk for me is the hardest to write for some reason, as I want to stick to the atmosphere, style and language as well as I can.

And that brings me to the style. The ‘style’ I try to keep up in Steampunk is what I perceive to be the spirit of that era in which my Steampunk stories play. Politeness, the fashion, the culture of the classes, and the mystery of the gears, cogs and that strange additional compound of aether, energy that comes in so handy while nobody knows exactly what it is.

My sci-fi stories vary in style, I think, as does my fantasy writing.

Finally, I am not against merging genres. My latest book, Hilda – Lycadea, has traces of sci-fi and steampunk mixed with the fantasy. Also the story I recently published, Bactine, has elements of steampunk in the sci-fi. Or is that sci-fi in the steampunk?

I am curious to learn what you have to say about this…