Announcing: Glass Block

Dear Reader,

glass block

Coming Friday, the 15th of March, a new novel will see the light. It’s called Glass Block, and it’s written by APG author Kai Wilson-Viola. It’s taken her a long, long time to get this work finished, but Friday is the day.

If you want to be part of the crowd who wants to congratulate Kai with her new release, you are hereby invited to join her on the launch event which is hosted on Facebook.


Hilda 10 – Magic on the Rocks.

Dear reader,

Next week the new Hilda book, “Magic on the Rocks”, will see the light of day. My aim is to have it on Smashwords and the Amazon stores on the 12th. Distribution to the other e-book stores depends on a few things (like the speed of those stores in putting it online after receiving it).

The paperback version will take a little longer as I have to wait for the proof of that. As a member of the Alexandria Publishing Group I want to keep up the quality standards that we aim for.

Hilda 10 Magic on the rocks

Thank you for your patience, I’ll update the “published books” page as soon as the book is available.

Ashes and Blood

Dear reader,

Don’t fear, we are not after your blood. We just want to present the latest publication with the Alexandria Publishing Group, which is

Ashes and Blood, the new release in the series Aegis of the Gods by Terry C. Simpson:

If you are ready for “A battle of trust, treachery, hate, love, and faith.” then do not hesitate to follow this link to for your own copy of this book!

We congratulate Terry on this new release which he made possible despite being a victim of “Sandy”. Well done, Terry, and thank you!

Scribbling is out!

Dear reader,

All the members of the Alexandria Publishing Group congratulate Jonathan Gould with his new book, Scribbling:

Scribbling is, as Jonathan calls it, ‘sort of’ a sequel to Doodling, with new adventures of the characters. For those who don’t know Doodling: it is a surreal and rather silly story about a man named Neville who, upon losing his grip on the ever-more-rapidly spinning Earth, falls off and winds up in an asteroid field.

All the fans of Doodling can now rejoice in new adventures and fresh quirkiness.

Scribbling is available at and

Scribbling – a new book by Jonathan Gould

Dear reader,

On October 25th, a new book will be published. This may not strike you as special, there will be more books out that day, but this one is the long awaited (sort of) sequel to “Doodling”.

The Alexandria Publishing Group is proud to announce Jonathan Gould’s new book “Scribbling”.

For the first two weeks after release, Scribbling will be available for the special bargain price of 99c. But that’s not all. As an extra special bonus, anyone who buys a copy in those two weeks will also get some previously unreleased “outtakes” from Doodling – a chance to meet some new characters, encounter some familiar ones in new ways, and get an insight into the way the story was developed.

We’ll let you know more, so stay tuned!


Glass Block is out!

Dear reader,

A new book emerges from the vaults of the Alexandria Publishing Group, this one from the hand of Kai Wilson-Viola. The title, as you guessed, is “Glass Block”.

When Big Brother fell out of popularity in the early part of the 21st century it was replaced with ever more ‘realistic’ reality TV shows, till the need for this was replaced with a need for fantasy. In an attempt to resurrect the old format some die hard fans filmed themselves locked in with a recently released murderer. The person to get out got the money from the stream sales at the end. Needless to say they were slaughtered.


The entire APG crew is proud of this release and wishes Kai much success with it!

Hilda book 9

Hilda the wicked witch

Hilda the Wicked Witch and William receive a cry for help, sent by one of the witches that Hilda was in school with for a while. The trip takes them to far-away lands, interesting places and people, and a strange web of interconnected happenings, disappearances and – gold!

Book 9 in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series, is (for now) planned to appear in June or July 2012.

The author apologises in advance for the fact that there will not be dragons in this edition. To make up for this lack: