Hilda – the movie. (I know… dream on, writer)

Dear reader,
Hilda the wicked witchIt’s not my intention to give you hopes that may never come true. I just want to share a dream with you. Perhaps a dream we can only dream, but at least I’ll be in good dreaming company.

It is the dream of almost every writer I know to hear that his or her work will be transformed into a film. It probably won’t come as a surprise that I would love to see Hilda on the big screen. And the smaller ones after that. So much has happened after the first short story about the wicked witch that I think she has earned the right to appear in a film. And that brought me to asking around a bit. The question I had was:

“Who would be a good actress to play Hilda?”

I had several responses, and I would like to share those with you. A very good one was:

bette midler
Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus

Bette Midler.

She did a great witch in “Hocus Pocus”.

I can see her do wonderful Hilda provided the teeth are altered a little bit. 😉

Evanna Lynch in Harry Potter

Evanna Lynch.

Known to most people from the Harry Potter films. She has the right amount of oddness (she proved that) and quirkiness to be Hilda.

Yes. A Hilda the Wicked Witch film. Really. I’ll dream on a little longer and then go back to writing book 18 in the series…

Senn. A language and a film.

Senn poster


Dear reader,

This time I’m not writing about books but about a film and language. I’m fascinated by languages. All kinds of languages including constructed ones (the so called conlangs). I also like science fiction a lot, in writing and in films. That is why I had to see Senn.The film is something you need to experience for yourself. Next to the film itself I also saw the makers’ documentary on the Language of Senn. As you see in the top image there’s not much English in the images. That for me was intriguing already, and to learn that the one of the creators of the film had gone through a lot of work to create the language (in speaking and in writing) was fascinating. Do you remember Tolkien’s Elfish? The Klingon language as made for Star Trek? The Na’vi language for the film Avatar? Britton Watkins did that for Senn. He created the characters, the speech and the grammar. All the signs in the film were adjusted in that language. It was amazing to see how much work had been put into all the details.

Senn is more than just a science fiction film. It shows the observant viewer a lot of what is going on in the world today as well.

Senn 02

If you are interested in Senn (be it for the film or the language or even both), you can either click the image to the left or follow this link to have a more indepth look at Senn. The site behind the link offers you the option to purchase a Bluray disc of the film, a digital download or select one of the other options. You can see a trailer of Senn there as well.

More about Senn (who created it and more) is available at sennition.com.

If you like science fiction that has something to show and say (in English and in Senn’s local language) then you will like Senn. Still not convinced? Then take the quiz!