Z. Zopierama #AtoZChallenge

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Dear reader,

This is the last day of the ‘A-Z blogging challenge’, and for this final post I present you ‘Zopierama’. What is Zopierama? It’s a who. It’s a girl from another planet, a planet so small that its inhabitants didn’t even think it worth the trouble to give it a name. She appears in my book ‘The Story of the Mimosa’.

Zopierama is a bit of a nerd. Actually make that a lot of a nerd. Together with her boyfriend Barthomeu she works at a science and space centre, and the appearance of a boat turns her and his life upside down. They meet odd people (even odder than they are) and travel to strange places. They even reach our Earth!

Zopie (which is how Barthomeu her sometimes calls) is a fun and interesting character in the book, I think. It was a lot of fun creating the couple, being the geeky people they turned into.


A successful evening

Dear reader,

Last evening I visited the theatre show of Hamony Glen. The name may mean nothing to you, but they’re a very successful Dutch band that plays Irish folk music with a twist. If you’ve read the Story of the Mimosa, you have met the Harmony Clan, who are in fact my friends from Harmony Glen. Last evening I had the opportunity to hand-deliver a copy of the Story of the Mimosa to each of the band members.

With three band members. Dominique Bentvelsen, Sjoerd van Ravenzwaai and Mike Bruinsma

The show was excellent, the music wonderful and uplifting as always, and the atmosphere relaxed and joyous.

If you want to know more about Harmony Glen, here are some music videos, and of course there’s their online shop.

The Story of the Mimosa is now available

Dear Reader,

It is with lots of pride and a sense of accomplishment that I can announce the birth of a new book.

The Story of the Mimosa is online and available via Smashwords (go here) and Amazon.com (go here). More shops will come as time progresses, but for now those two will have to do.

This is the story of the Mimosa, a black sailing ship (with red sails) that travels through space, and boldly appears where no space-faring, black sailing ship has appeared before, regardless of the colour of its sails.

This is your chance to join the Mimosa. Find out where it came from, where it was stolen, how it roamed free, and how an Italian mail man from the 1960s came on board this remarkable vessel.

If you love Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, you’re bound to enjoy the Story of the Mimosa as well. Don’t let the metal suit fool you: there is no paranoid android. The suit and the ship belong together though, and there are plenty of other hilarious surprises!

I hope you will appreciate this new book, which is filled with fun and alien banter!


Cover reveal – The Story of the Mimosa

Dear reader,

It is with a lot of pride that I present to you the cover of my new book:

The e-books will be available on Amazon and Smashwords this weekend, more stores as time passes and distribution channels are addressed. Of course I’ll let you know what happens when it happens!

The Story of the Mimosa

Dear reader,

Last year I wrote a humorous science fiction story called The Story of the Mimosa. Readers of the Hilda the Wicked Witch series may recall that name from “Hilda – Lycadea”. Several people asked where that black ship came from, so I decided to tell it’s story. The new book is close to completion as I write this, and the lady who I asked to make the cover for it has sent me her interpretation. Allow me to show you a little teaser of the image:

Mimosa Cover Teaser

Rest assured that there is more, and I’ll let you know as soon as the book is ready and available!