Perhaps you remember Lily Marin…

Dear reader,

Lily Marin Novel CoverYes, Lily Marin. After six short stories and a novel, there is news about this remarkable singer from the Victorian era we like to call Steampunk.

It’s been a while, but I have finally gathered enough ideas, material and courage to dedicate a new novel to Lily and her friends. We’ll encounter her original nemesis in this story, and Dr Calgori is there again of course. I have only just started the new book, the third chapter is currently being penned down, so it will take a while before this new work will be out in the world. However I thought this worthy of announcing.

If you have any questions about Lily Marin, I would advise you to read the short stories I wrote about her. These are free on Smashwords (all you need is an account there and that’s also free); Barnes & Noble (book 1, book 2, equally free) and on Apple Itunes (book 1, book 2, both free). Amazon unfortunately doesn’t allow me to make the books free, but you can find a Kindle version on Smashwords. Just locate the .mobi file. And if you get hooked and you want more, there’s always the first proper novel!

Lily Marin – The Novel is available!

Dear reader,

Lily Marin Novel CoverYes. It’s done. This book, the novel about Lily Marin is available as of now, and I present it to you with great pride.

You can find Lily Marin – The Novel at, Barnes & Noble, Apple Itunes and Amazon, while more stores are coming as soon as possible.

In print the book is already available via

If you like the book, I’d appreciate it if you were to write a review about it, and if you like it so much that you’d love to see a sequel to the book, please tell me about it!

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L. Lily Marin

Dear reader,

You may be familiar with this lady. She appears in 6 short stories that I wrote. They are in the steampunk genre, and to my surprise they were quite well received. That unexpected success gave me the motivation to write a proper novel about this woman who is a singer in daytime and resembles a steampunk heroine at night.

Why steampunk? I’ve loved steampunk since I discovered it. It’s an amazing coming together of (mainly Victorian) history and science fiction, where scientists (mad or in another variety), airships, courtesy and the most outrageous inventions become a possibility.

Lily Marin Novel Cover

And while I’m mentioning Lily Marin and steampunk, let me inform you that the book is well on its way, and so I take the liberty to give you a small sneak peek of the cover. 🙂

Lily Marin – the novel. An update.

Dear reader,

You may already know Lily Marin, my steampunk heroine. Maybe you don’t. Either way, the novel is progressing fabulously. The novel is mostly through the editing process and I’m very pleased with the result.

Did you know that Marin originally is a Romanian name? I didn’t know that until someone told me this. You might be surprised to hear who told me. It was Lily Marin. No, not the lady in the book but a real, living Lily Marin who located and contacted me through this uncanny medium called the Interwebs.

Steampunk device to power the Interwebs

Even when there is no Internet in Lily Marin’s world (the Lily in the book, that is), it’s fun to know that “she” is out there. It will be even more fun when the book is out, which I know won’t be too long any more.  I’m aware there are fans already waiting for it since far too long. I’m terribly sorry about that. The good news: my editor let me know she’s all done with the checking and word-poking. I’ve already applied lots of her edits, so soon I can do the final checks and start building the actual ‘book’. I really hope it will be all done and ready in May.

For all those waiting: here’s a masked woman to help you pass the time.

Lily Marin – the book

Dear reader,

This title may make you wonder. Why ‘the book’? There are already 2 books. Yes, there are 2 books with 3 short stories each. However, considering the success of these two books and mainly the wonderful feedback I received, I am venturing into writing a proper book about Lily Marin, the singer with her mysterious background. I don’t know if this will become the conclusion to Lily and her adventures; at this moment I have about 1100 words written so to make any statements is far too early.

It is a lot easier, I notice, to write a proper book than it is to put so much information and story inside the confines of a short story. Still I am very glad that I wrote these 6 very short stories. It was a great way to introduce and develop Lily and the people around her. As a safeguard for this coming story I made a number of notes to use for the book. Safeguard? Yes. The short stories around Lily were very difficult to write for me. The last 3 took me about a year. The notes I have now should get me through the story a bit swifter. Which does not mean it will be done faster though, as this book will most certainly contain more text (and adventure!) than the other 2 previous books combined.

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Lily Marin

Dear reader,

I have noticed that occasionally people are searching this site for book 4 of Lily Marin. I have good new and bad news.

The good news is that short story 4 of Lily Marin already exists. Also number 5 is done. I am working on number 6, to bring out a new three-story book of our Steampunk heroine. Unfortunately, writing Lily Marin is a good deal more difficult than writing Hilda the Wicked Witch. Lily is far more complex in character, as she tries to maintain several personalities and keeping them strictly separated.

So please bear with me, dear reader. Your patience will be rewarded.