Detective stuff

Dear reader,

A few years ago I started writing a detective. That in itself is already a bit of an oddity as I am mainly writing fantasy and science fiction. To make things more interesting I planned to make the detective a pagan. (If you don’t know what a pagan is, you can follow this link to Google and find out.)

After writing along for about 30 chapters I suddenly fell silent. No words, no ideas, no clue as to how I should proceed with this story. A few weeks later – still nothing. A year later I contemplated throwing the work-file away but didn’t. Good thing I didn’t. A writer friend read what I had done so far and she urged me to finish the story. Because “I want to know who did it!



Since a few weeks I am writing on in this story and so far it seems to go well. Perhaps this year I will be able to bring out a detective story for the Alexandria Publishing Group. I’d be tremendously pleased!