Book review – Rosehead

Title: Rosehead
Author: Ksenia Anske
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


I had already read and heard things about this book. About how dangerous it is. It made it an intriguing book so I had to read it. Which I did.

Rosehead is not your average book about a young girl and her talking dog. It’s quite a remarkable one about a young girl and her talking dog. It’s written in a very well-paced way and never gets boring. Far from that even. Even when the young girl is asleep there’s a lot of action going on in Rosehead. If you decide to go there make sure there’s enough space beneath your bed.

Ksenia Anske wrote a very different kind of fantasy novel, with an imagination that’s impressive and catching. If you like remarkable books then Rosehead will certainly appeal to you.


Now here’s a challenge

Dear reader,

Do you know Ksenia Anske? Say yes. Well done, dear reader. Of course you know the person who wrote such amazing stories like Rosehead and Irkadura. She is, like I am, a fantasy writer.

Why do I mention her? Of course firstly because she’s a great writer and a very interesting person (follow her on Twitter or Google+ if you want) and secondly because yesterday she posted this on Twitter:

TwitterYou know what I’m dying to do? I’m dying to write a book about a talking cat, once I’m done writing all these other damn books I planned.

This of course could not go unrewarded, so I replied:

Twitter@kseniaanske I’m going to write a book about a writer who plans to write about a talking cat after she wrote all the other books she planned

upon which I received this in return:

Twitter@paul__kater Deal. Can’t wait.


This has to end in a story of course, and here is how it starts:

“You know it’s not going to happen, don’t you?” asked Frankie the cat as he stretched out a paw. The claws came out as they were up for an inspection.

“Of course it will,” Francis replied. “I just have to get all this other stuff written, edited, proofed and published, and then I’m going to do it.”

“Nu-huh,” Frankie continued after licking his paw a few times. “By the time you’ll have time for that I’ll be through most of my nine lives.”

“Don’t count on that. I can write fast and furious.”

“And torment people on Twitter,” Frankie taunted her. “And you need to write another blog post. Will it be about me?”

“Shut up. You’re a cat. You know nothing. You shouldn’t even be talking to me,” Francis said as she pretended to slap Frankie, something she wouldn’t do as she knew his claws from various close encounters.