Indie Promotion – Brian Murray

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This Monday I present to you an Indie Promotion that is quite different from all the others that have been here.

Unbreak Your Marriage:
Reconnect Your Marriage In 31 Days

by Brian Murray

Ebook Short Description: Are you about to give up on your marriage? Have you already given up? Are you sick and tired of the same old excuses? Has your love grown cold? Would you consider giving your marriage one more chance? Then this Intervention Strategy is for you.

Before its first publication in 2013, Unbreak Your Marriage’s powerful but yet simple intervention principles had helped many couples to reunite and become better individuals and better yet, partners. Author Brian Murray. reveals simple communication attitudes that help spouses to bond, develop, and become great partners.

Unbreak Your Marriage is a treasure tool for recovering, refining, mending and rekindling your relationship. So start today, savor the joy of regaining and superseding the marriage you once had.

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You can find the e-book on

Indie promotion – Kristina Jackson

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After a slip-up of no promo last week due to an unannounced secret solar vortex that took all the words away, it is Monday again, so I present to you today’s Indie Promotion:


by Kristina Jackson

Ebook Short Description: These are stories to make you smile. When you need a quick fix to brighten your day.

– At the feet of a god – Whose feet does Shannon collapse and where does it end?
– Spinning wheels are just for spinning – Not everyone thinks so …
– Sands of time – Why does Charlotte feel her life is slipping away?
– With endings come beginnings – Find out what happens when Grace feel’s her world has come to an end.
– Ivan – Can he see there is life outside his window?

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You can find the e-book on

Indie promotion – Viv Drewa

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-Apologies for this misfire in timing. Rest assured, it’s not Monday yet!-

Monday. It keeps coming back. today we’re in the first one of February! Today’s Indie Promotion is:

From the Pages of Grandfather’s Life

by Viv Drewa

Ebook Short Description: Story of a young man’s escape from Russian ruled Poland in 1913.
(This story is based on real life events.)

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You can find the e-book on

Indie promotion – Scott McCoskey

Dear reader,

It is Monday again. It’s not my doing though, I’m just here to present today’s Indie Promotion:

Bad Mojo Blues

Bad Mojo Blues
by Scott McCoskey

Ebook Short Description: Marcus Roath believes he’s done with his family. Disowned for practicing magic, he settled in Vegas where unsuspecting tourists witness real magic nightly. He’s built a life there, becoming a member of the local Mage community. It’s almost as good as having a family again.

When his sister calls with bad news, he’s on that plane home faster than you can say reconciliation.

Arriving in New Mexico, he runs afoul of some old friends who aren’t so friendly. There’s the high school buddy who now deals drugs to humans, the cousin who’s dealing blood to vampires, not to mention the skinwalker determined to settle an old score. They’re all out to further their own means with Marcus as an ace in the hole.

Can he manage to stay alive long enough to solve the family crisis?

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You can find the e-book on

APG Indie promotion – Shadeborn

Dear reader,

Even when you never hear someone say “Thank God It’s Monday”, it is Monday again. Time for me to present to you today’s Indie Promotion:


by Alexandria Publishing Group author Terry Simpson

Ebook Short Description: What you believe about myths and legends is about to change.
If Death had a child, it would be Shadeborn.
Mike’s a misguided thug haunted by bad luck, tragedy, and a psychopathic brother. Darius sits atop a world he’s ready to abandon. Sheila is just looking to make a meal of the magically gifted.
What do they have in common?
People they know are being killed. And a slew of supernatural creatures, the Arcane Police, and the N.Y.P.D all want them either dead or captured.
Oh, there’s also Phil. But when Phil’s around, people die. Lots of them.
So what’s to be done when the hunt is on, death or worse comes a calling, and immortals decide to shape the life of men
Learn to accept what you are or die. Then again, death isn’t what it used to be.


Where to find: this e-book is available from


Indie promotion – David Berger

Dear reader,

A new Monday in the new year. Is your reading pile almost gone? If yes, no problem because here is today’s Indie Promotion:

Task Force Gaia

by David Berger

Short Description: During the age of Olympos, when a vengeful goddess shatters the Sacred Scales, both immortals and humans alike suffer. Apollo, the god of truth, goes from a glorious existence as The Shining One to a victim of Zeus’ wrath, and his journey makes him question his godhood, his role in the cosmos, and his views on humanity. Prophecy and the Fates direct his course, and he must make difficult, yet vital, choices. Millennia pass, and Dan, Aleta, Brandon, and Sarah—four reluctant modern-day heroes gifted by ancient civilizations born of the gods—bound by prophecy, have to choose whether or not to save their world when it could mean they never existed. They must master their new powers while battling against incomprehensible forces from the Underworld and repairing the Sacred Scales, destroyed long ago. With the equilibrium between Order and Chaos unhinged, and the Olympian gods struggling to exist, these four must ally themselves with the United Nations to protect an endangered world, becoming the only group who can fight against metaphysical threats to the Earth, forging Task Force: Gaea. Can mortals succeed where gods cannot go?

Where to find.
You can find the book on Note that this is the paperback version, you can find the Kindle version of this book behind this link.

APG Indie Promotion – Litanies

Dear reader,

The first Monday of the new year. You may still be tired of everything that’s behind you, so let’s start the Indie Promotions for this year with a very short book:


by Sabrann Curach

Ebook Short Description: A normal morning for an Medical Examiner in space….until the alarm sounds.


Where to find: this e-book is available from


Indie promotion – Danielle Uidam

Dear reader,

It is Monday again and it’s the last one for the year. This year’s last Indie Promotion is:

The Malthus Conspiracy

by Danielle Uidam

Ebook Short Description: In 2011 the world population hit seven billion. Fourteen thousand babies are born every hour. By 2045 the population is predicted to hit nine billion. Can our planet cope?

In 1798 Economist Reverend Thomas Malthus thought not. His work ‘An Essay on the Principal of Population’ predicted that population growth would outpace our ability to obtain resources, resulting in a global epidemic of famine that would destroy society unless curbed.

Fast forward to 2012. College students Dean Adams and his best friend Felix Pye, unwittingly stumble across the greatest conspiracy in history, and by doing so sign a death warrant. They are forced to run as powerful, high society members of a 200 year old secret Malthusian League attempt to silence them.

The league will stop at nothing to continue its Malthusian cause. Their purpose? To curb population growth and ensure Malthus’ predictions for economic ruin do not come true.

With the aide of detective Isabella Mercena, Dean and Felix go head to head against the evil forces as they attempt to expose the league’s sinister plans to control population. Will they survive to tell the tale and tell it before the next wave of disaster is unleashed on mankind?

Where to find.
You can find the e-book on

APG Indie promotion – Terry Simpson

Dear reader,

As the year is running to an end you might be in need of something epic to push you over the last bits. Today’s Indie Promotion might be just what you need. I present:

Embers of a Broken Throne

by Alexandria Publishing Group author Teryy C. Simpson

Ebook Short Description: In the aftermath of a titanic battle, Ancel and the remnants of his people are  fleeing to Benez, a city reviled by the world. Hunted by Tribunal assassins and  shadelings, he must fight to see them survive even as corruption creeps across  the land, and his father battles for sanity.
Ryne continues to hold fast to his secrets, but suspicious of those around him, he makes a shocking  discovery of his own, one he dare not reveal.
Still struggling with the loss of her parents, her feelings for Ancel, and her hate for Ryne, Irmina comes  into her power as a Beasttamer, and is exposed to knowledge that could kill them all if the enemy sees through her act.
Meanwhile, the Nine continue to pull strings, and the armies of the Tribunal and Amuni’s Children march, their ultimate goal to see an end to Ancel and the Eztezians, and to breach the  prisons of the gods. But true to form in Denestia, many things are not  what they seem.

Embers of a Broken Throne is the fourth volume of Terry C. Simpson’s epic series, Aegis of the Gods.


Where to find: this e-book is available from
More about this book, the series and a freebie at our website!


Book Blast – The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm, By Valerie Douglas

Spanning an epic series of books, ‘The Coming Storm’ by Valerie Douglas takes you to the heart of a conflict between magic users, and those without magic, good and evil, love and loss.
Join Ailith and Elon as they have to choose between love, duty, and everything they’ve battled for.


Elon of Aerilann, Elven advisor to the High King of Men, helped negotiate the treaty between Elves, Dwarves and men. He suddenly finds that fragile truce threatened from without by an unknown enemy and from within by old hatreds and prejudice. With the aid of his true-friend Colath, the wizard Jareth and the Elven archer Jalila, he goes in search of the source of the threat.

Ailith, the Heir to Riverford, fights her own silent battle. Her father has changed, but her quest to discover what changed him puts her life and very soul in danger and leaves her only one direction in which to turn. Elon.
To preserve the alliance, though, Elon will have to choose between his honor, his duty and everything for which he fought.

Amazon | Goodreads

series-buy-linksA Convocation of Kings (The Coming Storm, #2)

(The Coming Storm, #3) (novella will be 99¢ during the blast)

(The Coming Storm, #4)(novella will be 99¢ during the blast)

review quotes

Read more reviews on Amazon


valerie-douglas-001Valerie Douglas is a prolific writer and a genre-crosser, much to the delight of her fans. A fan of authors of almost every genre from Isaac Asimov to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, she writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and as V.J. Devereaux, erotic romance. Who knows what will pop up down the road!

Happily married, she’s companion to two dogs, four cats and an African clawed frog named Hopper who delights in tormenting the cats from his tank.

You can find more information at Valerie Douglas Books, or at Alexandria Publishing Group.

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And to celebrate her book blast, Valerie’s lowered the price of The Coming Storm on a Countdown Deal. Head on over to the page and see what it’s set and and grab your copy at the lowest price you can! Her novellas Not Magic Enough & Setting Boundaries have also been priced at $0.99 for the duration of this project.

And in January….


In January, Valerie is visiting blogs, talking books and sharing her experience. As author of more than 20 books, she’s got a lot to say about indie publishing and would love to visit with you.

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