Something strange happened on the way to the Amazon…

Some people may have noticed that books that I declare ‘free’ aren’t free on all the Amazon websites.

I’ve mentioned this to the good people at Amazon on a few occasions, each time they fix it, but somehow there is a glitch in their system that unfixes their fixes.

This is a short post to let Kindle-owners know that you can get all the free books for free at Smashwords. All you need is a free account, look for my name there and download the ‘mobi’ version of the books. You can upload those to your Kindle or use the Kindle’s e-mail address to load them through wifi if that’s easier.

I hope this helps someone!

Authors give back. A few more free books

Dear reader,

With the current Corona problem taking over the world, Smashwords has launched an awesome idea. They ask authors to add more free books for a while, for people to be able to read while being stuck inside.

Of course I want to do that.

If you are interested, visit to see what’s been made available for free of for a major discount.

The titles I have made free are:

Wanted: hero
  • Wanted: Hero
  • The Story of the Mimosa
  • A Midsummer Night Adventure
  • Green Haven
  • The Devil’s Diary

These books will be free until April 20th of this year. Price changes will NOT trickle down to Barnes and Nobles, Apple, Kobo etc, so you will need to make a free Smashwords account.

Please share this news wherever you can, all the Smashwords authors thank you!