A writer and the environment

Dear reader,

Not a usual topic perhaps for a site on book-writing and all that comes with it. Still there is a reason for this article, because an environment is important.

Wallaroo minesFor instance, can you imagine a series of desks and hard-working people in the image on the left? For most people it’s probably the wrong environment to even consider that.

This is a place where you’d ride kangaroos, takes long walks, sit down with a picnic basket and some nice people, and spend some fun times saving your food from ants and other creepy crawlies.

It’s also a place where I can see a writer sit or walk, doing what writers do best when they’re not writing: thinking, planning, dreaming, staring.

A place where inspiration hangs in the air, from the trees, and makes its way on the ground through the dust. Yes, there are more creepy crawlies there and they too can be an inspiration for a story.

Plastic wasteFor these reasons and many more it’s important to keep our environment clean and healthy. Not only for us, but also for the generations who come after us. The picnic basket bearers, the walkers, joggers, the lovers who want to lie in the grass, and the dreamers who want to gain inspiration and a wonderful plot for the story they’re envisioning for us.

How green are e-books?

Dear reader,

On another website (www.the9billion.com) I found this image, which is quite an eye-opener with respect to the cost and energy needed to make paper books compared to e-books. Have a look at it and be surprised. (It’s behind the cut, to spare the readers who are on RSS feeds etc.) Continue reading “How green are e-books?”