A financial announcement

Dear reader,

euFlagThe E.U. in all its wisdom has decided that e-books need to be charged with VAT as of January 1st 2015. Taxes. This is not something the indie author community has asked for, it’s something in the money game.

This means that all the books that are for sale in European e-book stores (among which amazon.co.uk and amazon.de) will go up in price. The increase in price won’t be dramatic but when you see price changes all of a sudden then this is the reason.

I thought it important to let you know about this in advance. If you are on my mailing list you’ll receive this message through there as well. I’m sorry for double information but that’s always better than none at all and then being surprised.



Read an E-book week at Smashwords

Yes, dear reader,


It’s happening again. Over at Smashwords the ‘read an e-book week’ promotion is off again, and I am participating. If you felt reluctant to read some of my titles, here’s your chance to get one or more of them with a 50% discount.

The books that are up for that this week are Green HavenThe Story of the MimosaCharisma the young witchBactine, and The Devil’s Diary. Just enter the coupon code “REW50” as you check out and the discount is applied. Note that this is a Smashwords-only promotion, it won’t work for Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Apple iTunes or the other usual suspects.

Smashwords offers e-books for any platform you can think of. Epub for Sony, Nook and Apple-devices, MOBI for Amazon Kindle devices and apps, and more.