From time to time an idea pops up…

A while ago I bought a cover. I didn’t have a story for it yet but the cover was so amazing that I just had to have it.

Small cover Clara's Eyes

This happened to me before with the cover for “Clara’s Eyes“.

Sometimes things like that happen. This is the second time for me. The cover was staring at me for a while when suddenly it hit me that there was indeed a good story behind it.

The temporary title on the cover was “Time”. That had to do something, be something. And indeed, it did. Was. Okay, I guess it will be and will do. hahaha!

Cordelia - From time to time

This is part of the cover. Most of it, actually, I just left out the “Time” part.

At first, I thought this was going to be a steampunk story. I’ve been considering a sequel to the Lily Marin book which is partly written and just misses something. (Probably some structure, it’s too many little bits at the moment.)

Then “Time” told me this will be “From Time To Time”, a time-traveller’s story. After getting that bit of inspiration, I have started writing this story like a crazed person. I am working on chapter 5 already, reworked chapters 3 and 4 because of new ideas and insights, and so far I like what is happening here.

I guess that’s my spare time sorted for now. Have a wonderful day, everyone!