Did I stop writing books?

Absolutely not, dear reader.

My bookmaking adventures are not on hold, not have they stopped in any other way. The reason for my silence on this site is that I’m working on a Dutch book, and for Dutch news I have my Dutch site. Which, when you think of it, makes sense.

Over on Facebook I am slowly revealing the cover of this Dutch book. Each day I post a new picture of it, in which more and more of the cover is shown. Yesterday’s version looks like this:


If you want to keep up with the revelation, you can follow me on Facebook if you want. I usually post the image to Google+ as well if you feel better there.

The image over the book cover is my cat Grimalkin. Her name might sound familiar, because she and her brother are named after the cats who live with Hilda the Wicked Witch and her partner William. (I’ve added this tidbit for your convenience.)

The book is about my home town Cuijk which everyone has heard of, of course. Everyone living near here, that is.

This however does not mean that I am not doing anything in the English book arena. I’m working on Hilda 18 and 19, and also I am adding words to the new Lily Marin novel which is going as slowly as the first one.

Lily keeps surprising me with her complexity. It’s great to write about her and to go on adventures with the Masked Woman, but for some reason she doesn’t make all this very easy. Things with her and Billy go well though, and this book also will come to a good end.

The last project I would like to mention here is the sequel to Wanted Hero. I’m currently reworking that and at the same time writing it in Dutch. This has proven to be a good way to do this kind of work as I think about the text. Many original English parts are replaced by much better English parts.

That is the news from me for now, and I will definitely report back in soon. The gaps between me checking in have gotten too large, for which I apologize.

Wishing you a wonderful day,



The new stuff in a new way. Francis and Frankie.

Dear reader.

Allow me to present to you the cover of the next book that will appear:

Francis and Frankie

I probably won’t surprise you with the title: “Francis and Frankie”. (Although for a while it might be “Frankie and Francis”.) I’m going a different road with this book and I’ll see if I like it. (Do you notice I don’t take your feelings about this into account? Good.) Today is the showing of not only the cover but also the first chapter! And the book should see the light of the e-book stores next weekend. I’ve decided not to wait for the paper version to be done this time. That is a lot to process I guess, even for me, but somehow, together, we’ll get through this. So, if you are ready for more, do click the following link to catch the first chapter!

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Cover reveal – Hilda 12

Dear reader,

In anticipation of the new Hilda the Wicked Witch book, I’m very happy to show you the cover of this newest member of the Hilda-book-family!

Cover for Hilda the Wicked Witch book 12

The e-book itself will be available as of January 18th, 2014, the paperback as soon as possible after that. Next week around this time: the first chapter of the new book will appear here, as an appetiser. 🙂

“As usual Hilda and William run into adventures, and this time into severe problems as well. They will find out what it takes to go against a witch we know, in a very extreme way! What would you do with 150 horses?”

Cover reveal “Between Darkness and Light”


A new cover for the the re-release of Brianna Hawthornes Fantasy…

Between Darkness and Light

Shi’ahn and her brother William find themselves transported into a realm beyond anything they could have imagined. Where they had once been powerful individuals, they are now almost inconsequential – at first. Soon though, they discover something monumental, and everything begins to change. Reality is not what it had seemed. As Shi’ahn and her brother follow where events are leading them, it becomes evident that both are destined for greater things.
Shi’ahn does have one advantage that is exceedingly rare – she can hear and manipulate the song of the Universe.

As Shi’ahn and William embark upon their new journey they must survive intrigue, danger, and their growing relationship with the foundations of the Universe itself.

This is the first book in the Universe Cycle.

Brianna Hawthorne has been a tree farm laborer, a choir director, a restaurant worker, a telemarketer (She lasted one day), a transportation planner, a small business computer support worker, a printing specialist, computer help desk technician, a firewall and server administrator, computer security manager, an emergency preparedness coordinator, and now, finally, an author. It’s been one heck of a ride…

But the stresses of her profession and all the political. stuff it entailed eventually drove her to write. After many more years and frustrations, she ran away to the mountains where, aside from trips to the Island that inspired the creation of Shiral, she wishes to remain until the end of her days.

Before the responsibilities of parenthood overtook her, she loved to play role-playing games and being a weekend historian in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Now she concentrates on providing the healthiest home environment for her family as possible. She enjoys growing her own organic foods and herbs, and listening to a wide variety of music.

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The cover for Nanowrimo.

Dear Reader,

Even though I am still in the middle of writing this year’s NANOWRIMO story (an urban fantasy), I have the pride and pleasure to present the cover for the new book already:
Clara's Eyes Cover

It’s designed by the wonderful artist Renée Barratt of “The Cover Counts“, and I’m eager to put the book together with the cover, so I’d better get writing again!