Yes. It’s been a while. And yes…

The new adventure of Hilda the Wicked Witch is approaching.

August 3rd 2019 is the date, and the e-book store closest to you is the place. I can’t promise I’ll be there in person, but the book will be, so fire up your e-readers!

Hilda - Queen of the Rock. (BOok 23)

Pretty cover, isn’t it? Ominous and meaningful – as soon as you know the story.

As usual, the paperback will come out later…

For those curious, let me treat you to chapter one already! Others: don’t go beyond this line.

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And so here it is. Kobie’s first chapter

I have promised this on Facebook and some other social media already: once I have translated the first chapter of the first book about Kobie, I will post it here, so people can let me know if they want to see more of it.

In other words: would you like a complete English version of this story?

Let me know, either in comments, through the contact form or any other form you fine palatable!

I’m not dumping the chapter in here just like that. If you want to avoid seeing it, simply don’t click below. Otherwise… do it!

Click here to read the chapter!

Hilda – Pirates. Chapter 1

Dear reader,

Hilda 18 320

As is my happy habit before the actual publication of a new book, I am more than happy to present to you the first chapter of a new book.

Hilda’s 18th story.


It’s about pirates, but not just them. We also have a dragon, Baba Yaga, King Walt and his dear wife, and a number of new people.

But now, without further dillying and dallying, here is chapter 1!

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The new stuff in a new way. Francis and Frankie.

Dear reader.

Allow me to present to you the cover of the next book that will appear:

Francis and Frankie

I probably won’t surprise you with the title: “Francis and Frankie”. (Although for a while it might be “Frankie and Francis”.) I’m going a different road with this book and I’ll see if I like it. (Do you notice I don’t take your feelings about this into account? Good.) Today is the showing of not only the cover but also the first chapter! And the book should see the light of the e-book stores next weekend. I’ve decided not to wait for the paper version to be done this time. That is a lot to process I guess, even for me, but somehow, together, we’ll get through this. So, if you are ready for more, do click the following link to catch the first chapter!

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Hilda 16 – Here is chapter 1.

Dear reader,

Hilda16_the youngeryears_320As is the custom on this blog / website, it is time for me to reveal to you the first chapter of this new book.

I hope it is not too disappointing for you. Trust me, Carol (my precious editor) and I have worked very hard on this one. We hope you appreciate our efforts.

But most of all we hope you appreciate learning about

Hilda’s Younger Years.

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Til Death Us Do Join, Chapter 1.

Dear reader,

TilDeathUsDoJoin_320As is tradition in this non-traditional house, this is the moment where chapter 1 of a new publication will the thrust into the world.

As you are reading this, this means you are part of that world.

I hope you will enjoy chapter 1 of  “Til Death Us Do Join“.

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Hilda 15 – Raggedsock. Chapter 1

Dear reader,

Last week you were exposed to (or treated to) the cover of the latest Hilda adventure. It is now my pleasure to hand you the first chapter of the story. I really hope you will enjoy it! (And if the title of this chapter reminds you of an ancient Western series, that would not be coincidental.)

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Who killed the clown? Chapter 1

Dear reader,

Who killed the clown?As is my habit by now, I’m going to show you the first chapter of the next book that I’m bringing out.

Today it is the first chapter of “Who killed the clown?“, the first attempt I am making to writing a detective story.

Pagan detective story even. I hope you enjoy it!

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Hilda 14. Chapter 1

Dear reader,

Hilda 14 Phargene 320

With great pleasure I give you the first chapter of the new Hilda book.

It won’t be long now until the book will reach your favourite reading devices. I’m still working on the paper edition but may your lust for a new adventure be present and quenched a bit by what you’ll read here!


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