A weekend in writing. And editing.

Is everyone enjoying the weekend? And has anyone discovered a reason yet why weekends fly by so fast? If you have, please let me know and I’ll join you in filing a complaint about that! 😀

My weekend has been filled with words and laundry. Yes, it’s amazing but even authors have laundry to handle. A good thing is that I have a few cats that are very supportive in that sense:

Here’s a little part of Grim as she helps sorting things out!

I wonder if you can spot her. 🙂

As for the words, I’ve done a lot of editing of Baba Yaga’s story and the end of that is coming closer.

5 more chapters and that’s then ready for scrutiny by Carol.

I’m also coming closer to the end of Tindaya, the story about Fuerteventura’s holy mountain.


It turned out very differently from what I had expected at first but I couldn’t write it any other way. It’s been a great journey into the history of the Canary Islands, their gods and their goats. And that, dear reader, is no joke. There are goats in the story, and they even play a pivotal role! Okay, as far as goats can achieve that, of course.

That’s all the update for now. I hope you’re all doing well and hope equally that we can bring Hilda 22 to you very soon!


The magic of doing nothing

Yes, dear reader.

Sometimes (apparently) doing nothing can do a lot of things. As usual I’m working on a lot of stories at once (which has the added disadvantage that some books take very long, I’m sorry). For a few stories I was trying to figure out how to make them proceed.

The privilege of a writer is that you can put your characters in peril. The disadvantage of that is that sometimes the characters aren’t up to the task of getting out so you have to help them. A few of my characters had dug themselves in so deep that it was hard even for me to come up with a solution. The answer to this had a strange shape:

Grimalkin, one of my two cats.

She enjoys sitting on top of my while I sit on the couch. As I wasn’t getting anywhere with the stories I sat on the couch and she lay in my lap, purring away as if it was crucial to survival.

As we sat there, my mind started drifting along with the stories in my mind. I saw the spot where the problem occurred, a few other points in time where the stories had to go and just kept looking at those things, those occasions.

Suddenly something became clear. There was water in the spot where my characters got stuck and there will be water in a place where other characters have to do something. Water was therefore the connecting element. I kept thinking, following the course of events as they might happen. And suddenly I saw it. I had the solution to at least one of the tight spots I had moved a few people in.

My advice for if you have a problem: get your cat and grab a good purr.

From all of us (Obsidian, Grimalkin and me) to all of you:

Wizard checking in. About cats.

Hi there.

You probably know we have cats. Two of them, black as can be except their eyes.
Do you know how tough it is to have cats that possess magic?

Hilda and I are still baffled about how we ended up with them. One day you’re battling an evil witch and the next day you fly off with cats that somehow got involved in the fight and since then act as if they were part of the plan and your life from the beginning. It took some getting used to them. Just like it took me some time to get used to being a wizard instead of a book salesman. But as with everything, if you’re exposed to it long enough you learn to love it. Or it kills you. So far we’ve been on the lively end of that scale.

Do you have cats? Magical ones?

O. Obsidian #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingO. Obsidian


Dear reader,

Since I’ve introduced you to Grim (Grimalkin), it’s now time to introduce her brother, Obsidian. Obsi for short. Dedicated readers of Hilda and William will know this name already.

Obsi is the daredevil of the two, he’s always the first one to try something new. A funny detail is that he’s more easily scared of things than Grim is. Noises scare him very much, so all the fireworks around New Year are a serious problem for him.

He’s a great cat, a big good boy who loves lying in my lap when I watch something on my television. 🙂

G. Grimalkin #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingG. Grimalkin

Dear reader,

You may think this a very strange title for a blog post. Unless you’ve read Hilda’s stories, then you know that she’s owned by a cat called Grimalkin. In that respect Hilda and I share a trait: I am also owned by a cat called Grimalkin:

Grimalkin (Grim)

I rescued her and her brother (Obsidian) from an animal shelter. They were left there by a family who had a child with a cat allergy. These people were all crying that they had to let these two cats go, and after these two animals have lived with me for more than a year I can tell why these people felt that way. Grim and Obsi are the most wonderful cats I can imagine. They’re 8.5 years old now, sweet and a part of my family and my heart. I hope they’ll be with me for a long time to come. 🙂

A post about cats

Dear reader,

This is not about writing and books directly. It is about cats. A few years ago I introduced cats in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series, and since then cats have become more and more fascinating to me. The Hilda fans who follow my ramblings on Facebook by now know that Obsi and Grim are no longer just fictional cat-characters, they have become real, be it in a slightly different colour-setting than in the books.

To the left you see Grimalkin, on the right is Obsidian.

Since early March 2013 these two animals live in my apartment with me, and we get along very well. In case you wonder why in the newer books (following Hilda 10) cats may play a more prominent role, or if their actions and behaviour is a bit more correct than before, these two are the reason.

Wishing you all the best, and from the cats: