Writers and their books

Dear reader/writer,

buymybookYou may be part of plenty of groups on various forums where writers come together to discuss books, writing, technique, options, possibilities and other things that are part of the book-writing business. And not only the writing is part of books, also the part where they need to be brought to attention and sold are often matters of discussion on these forums. All that I understand very very well.

What I still can’t fathom however is, that many a writer has this desperate urge to tell all those other writers that she or he wrote this book and that it is a good one and that everyone should buy it, or at least consider buying it.

My question to this, time after time, is: WHY? Why do writers try to flog their books to other writers? Because it’s easy on such media? Because they hope to get new fans for their work? I guess those are among the reasons. I avoid things like that. On a writer’s forum/group/list people talk about their writing and stories often enough to know what they’re doing (if you pay some attention). It’s hardly any trouble to look up the work of a writer that sounds interesting (we have Google, we have Bing, we have Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and so on). Most of these options offer personal messages to ask for something more precise.

Also, most writers have a website or a weblog on which they talk about their work, their books. It’s even easy to look up the name of an author on Smashwords, Barnes&Noble or Amazon.

I may have a diagonal attitude to this. I shan’t try to sell my books to other writers who know I’m a writer. They’ll find me if they’re interested.