P. Priscilla #AtoZChallenge

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Dear reader,

Who is Priscilla? Priscilla is the main character in my SciFi book Green Haven. Starting off as a sort of anaesthesiology assistant she’s plunged into more adventures than she cares for when she and her friends suddenly find themselves facing a superhero.

Blade Runner 1982

You may wonder how I picked a name like Priscilla. As usual there is a very simple explanation: while I was thinking of the story and how to start, I had just seen a mention of Priscilla Presley. Isn’t that a simple connection? Sometimes names just fall into one’s lap at the right moment.

I also thought it very interesting to write this book from her point of view, writing in her thoughts and actions, and so it happened. I envisioned her world resembling what was portrayed in the film Blade Runner. I hope it worked.