R. Rayko, Rewrites and Romance #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingR. Rayko, Rewrites and Romance

Dear reader,

Have you met Rayko? If you didn’t you haven’t read Bactine. But that’s no problem.

Rayko is the daughter of new boss of Daniel Zacharias, whom I’ve introduced earlier in this blogging challenge. Writing her character was a lot of fun as I planned and saw her change from someone who despises Daniel to someone who secretly starts helping him. Of course he doesn’t know that.

Coming up with the verbal battles between the two, and the thoughts that surround them provided me with a lot of entertainment and rewrites. There’s the second R in this post. As their relationship developed, I saw options to improve earlier parts so that would make the whole story even better.

Bactine was also the first story where I intentionally added a touch of romance. Only after reading a review where the romance part in the story was actually mentioned I felt that perhaps I can do this more often, another R that I can add to this letter in the A-Z blogging challenge!

5 star review of Bactine

Dear reader,

I discovered a very nice review for Bactine on the applelogo Apple Ibook store:

Wow, I just finished Bactine today, and was thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire book. I have never read a book where the environment of the main character was transformed so much while still successfully pulling off a solid and believable storyline.

There is nothing more drab than figuring out a storyline before actually reading it. Within Bactine, Paul Kater, introduces a few side plots that make it nearly impossible to accurately guess his storyline. In all, this leads to a much more entertaining story ending.

I know I like a book when immediately after finishing it I want to know what is the next book. I have read both Paul’s steam-punk and fantasy books and he has the flexibility for multiple genre. He has won me over as a lifetime reader.

I just had to post this here. Nothing wrong, I think, with being proud of this.

This made my day

I just found this on one of the social networks I am on, Diaspora:

I am really enjoying your SciFi book, Bactine. I got the Kindle ebook from Amazon after I snagged your free books too after reading about them on your blog, as well as the Sample of Bactine. Figured you were so kind as to give so much away, the least I could do is buy your Bactine. I am really enjoying it! Thanks!

Yes. This made my day.