Writer’s Café Pinboard

I love the Writer’s Café pinboard. For several days already I was walking around, sitting around and dreaming around, trying to get the 9th Hilda story moving towards its end. Things are becoming complicated now, with many subplots, characters and locations, 3 fairy tales being mixed into it, bread and beer, and a handful of witches and Gods and Goddesses to top it off, instead of a cherry.

So I sat down in front of the pinboard and started detailing the bits I have, the bits that I need to fix and the parts I need to address. And that is all done now, in 10 nice and manageable blocks. It all fell or got moved into place. The blocks are spread over the pinboard in loosely the order I intend to tackle them.

There is a red box still. The box with questions. There is 1 question in it, namely: How do we find Hirum? Because when we find Hirum, we will find HMFMFMMFJHH (sorry, this is a secret, so Hilda helpfully put a hand over my mouth), and then the linking pin between 2 of the fairy tales has been established.


Your genre. A round of questions and answers.

Are there any fellow-authors reading this?

I wonder… how did you choose your preferred genre? Is it something you love to read as well? Or is it something you feel competent with, or are knowledgeable about?

And what is your genre? Or do you write in several genres? Do you mix them, or do you feel better to keep them apart so you do not mess up the styles?

Oh – styles, yes, that is another one? If you write several genres, do you have a specific style in which you write a genre, or does that change with the story you intend?

My own ‘answers’ to these are: I do indeed write the genres I like to read. Not all of them, I do limit myself to fantasy, science fiction and steampunk for now. Fantasy has no limits, making it very easy to write. Sci fi does require more knowledge, about what’s possible (or an educated guess about what will be possible). Steampunk for me is the hardest to write for some reason, as I want to stick to the atmosphere, style and language as well as I can.

And that brings me to the style. The ‘style’ I try to keep up in Steampunk is what I perceive to be the spirit of that era in which my Steampunk stories play. Politeness, the fashion, the culture of the classes, and the mystery of the gears, cogs and that strange additional compound of aether, energy that comes in so handy while nobody knows exactly what it is.

My sci-fi stories vary in style, I think, as does my fantasy writing.

Finally, I am not against merging genres. My latest book, Hilda – Lycadea, has traces of sci-fi and steampunk mixed with the fantasy. Also the story I recently published, Bactine, has elements of steampunk in the sci-fi. Or is that sci-fi in the steampunk?

I am curious to learn what you have to say about this…