Book review. Aglow.

aglow cover

Book title: Aglow
Author: Will Forest
Genre: Social Fiction
Stars: 5 of 5

5 booksThis is a fascinating book. It takes place in Mexico and South America where the search is on for the mystery surrounding a codex found in an ancient part of a library.

What makes this book so fascinating? The concept of the story, where people find each other to unravel a mystery is one. The revelations that come about is another one. The texts read out from the ancient codex and other old writings are also well crafted. They gave me a lot of food for thought.

If the cover of the book, showing nude people, shocks you, this is a book you should read. If it doesn’t shock you, you should read it too. If you’re interested in the connection of people to nature, guess what… it’s a book for you.

Yes, there is talk of nudity in this book. Yes, people take their clothes off in this book. But it’s not what for you may think. I’m adding this because too many people connect nudity with sex. Sex involves nudity but certainly not all nudity automatically means sex. If you want to know more… read the book.