E. Experiments #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingE. Experiments

Dear reader,

You may wonder what experiments have to do with writing. Writing is not a form of science. Science fiction at best, where anything’s possible. Still writers experiment too. With words, with styles, with images painted in expressions. You can see writers as verbal alchemists, trying to create gold from crude ingredients like thoughts, words, ideas and the characters that run around in one’s mind.

Granted, we usually don’t get further than fool’s gold, but it’s always worth trying another time, in another setting, another genre, another bunch of characters while we try to get it right. And once in a while, a writer comes upon a character or a topic that touches a few hearts.

That is when all the failed experiments are forgotten, when someone started feeling better because of something a writer created.

It’s for those experiments (and experiences) that many writers live and write and experiment. That is when persistence, as with more kinds of experiments, pays off.


D. Daniel #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingD. Daniel

Dear reader,

If you don’t know Daniel, I can understand. Not everyone read my book Bactine. That’s where he appears. Daniel Zacharias is a soldier in intergalactic service who is designated the fall guy for a mistake that someone else makes. It gets him shipped off to a distant planet that not many people have heard of. Do not make a mistake, dear reader. Oh, not to worry, you won’t be the fall guy here, but the planet where Daniel goes, no matter how distant and seemingly insignificant, has many surprises in store for him.

I still wonder how Daniel’s brother feels about everything that has happened to our brave soldier. Maybe it’s time to ask him some day…

Bactine is combination of Steampunk, science fiction, sailing ships and a touch of romance in one book.

C. Charisma #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingC. Charisma

Dear reader,

Charisma. Hilda’s sister who liked to play with dragons when she was little, and often got in trouble over that. Do you know or even remember what happened when she accidentally ‘borrowed’ Hilda’s magical ring when the wicked witch was still learning to become who she’s now?

Charisma has grown up and found her way in life. We’ll be hearing from her in the near future, mark my words. I have my contacts in that respect!

B. Baba Yaga #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingB. Baba Yaga

Dear reader, do you know Baba Yaga? If you’ve read some of the Hilda the Wicked Witch books you have probably encounter her. The old, wrinkled witch who is Hilda’s bestest girlfriend and who lives in a little house that stands on legs. A house that sometimes walks off on its own. Baba Yaga is one of the wonderful extra characters in the Hilda series who (for me) adds something special to the stories. I also feel very good about showing more about Babs (as she’s called by her friends and me), who she really is and what happened to her, making her how she is now. And there is more about her coming, mark my words. (I know these things.)

A. A-Z blogging #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingA. A-Z blogging? What is that?

Dear reader, don’t worry. It’s not lethal. I think. I can’t be certain as I’ve never done this before. The A-Z blogging challenge is an attempt to put up a blog post every day in April of this year except on the Sundays (as we’d otherwise not have enough letters in the alphabet. To make things more interesting every post will focus on a letter of that same alphabet. This is April 1st, so this post focusses on the A. The A of, you may have guessed it, A-Z blogging.