Something wicked might be coming

And it is witch-shaped.

Yes. Hilda 26 is underway, and it’s quite far in writing already. Not done yet, and not edited, but there is a nice set of words already.

I thought I’d drop this short notice here. The title, for now, is “Hilda 26”. I don’t have a proper title for the story yet, but that will come before I’m ready to publish it. 🙂

All the best and stay safe!


January 2022. An update.

First off, welcome to the new year.

You have probably heard that a lot already, and each time might have made you cringe because the past few years haven’t been that great, life-wise. We’ll see if life says on the blocks, or if something will change.

What’s happening in the world of books?

A Girl Named Sandy

I’m slowly working on the sequel to “A girl named Sandy“. The second sequel, in fact. I once gave it a try, but that story didn’t go well so I scrapped that.

Now, after some time of cooling down, I have picked up the challenge once more. So far the story is unfolding along the lines I have in mind, which is a good thing. Let’s hope this time it’s going to work out.

Spoiler alert: they are reaching a new planet!

Then there is the 26th volume in the Hilda series.

Twenty-six… And people still aren’t fed up with the witch and her family. That’s impressive, to say the least. When I wrote the first story about the Wicked Witch, I had no idea it would get to this.

I hope that this new book is going to make a lot of people happy once it’s done. I’m currently writing the seventh chapter, so it will take a while before the final version sees the light, but it’s going to happen. Something exciting (or at least unexpected) is going to happen, and a prince called Darius Perspilex plays a part in it.

That’s the update, so far.

I hope the new year is treating you well, so far.


Hilda 24. It is there.

Hilda 24 - Nun-Ja 320

Hilda 24. The Order of Nun-ja. It is there. On the e-shelves.

Good day. I bring good tidings in this strange time.

What is happening in this story, you may ask:

An influx of thieves and robbers make Hilda and her family wonder what’s going on.

An influx of (initially) barely visible nuns makes things even more special.

And the new guests of the king… what kind of people are they? Don’t they behave a bit off?

Follow the adventures of Hilda, don’t miss the moment where things go ‘crack’, and find out what’s all this about the Order of Nun-ja.

Is this enough to make you curious?

If so, you can run over to these fine store, where it’s waiting for you on the e-shelves!

Smashwords, Amazon, (and all the other regional ones), Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobo e-books.

Long time, no post. And now: a new book. Devil’s Diary part 2

Yes, it’s true. A new Devil’s Diary is coming out, and it will happen in a week, on July 11th.

Welcome to book 2, compiled of entries of the Devil’s Diary.

The Devil’s Diary 2 takes you along on another trail of mishaps, bad stuff, fun stuff and weird stuff. If you haven’t read the first Devil’s Diary, some of the characters might be a little alien to you – but if you did read that, it might still feel that way.

Again, a devil’s life isn’t all brimstone and roses, but this time an archangel supplies a nice surprise in Bill’s life.


Who is Bill, you ask?

Step into Hell and find out!

I shall include the same disclaimer that is also in book 1:

This book is not for the very religious or the faint of heart.

This book appeared during November of 2019, in the famous Nanowrimo month. I had too much fun writing it. I hope you will take the disclaimer to heart, don’t feel threatened by it and join me in some laughter!

Authors give back. A few more free books

Dear reader,

With the current Corona problem taking over the world, Smashwords has launched an awesome idea. They ask authors to add more free books for a while, for people to be able to read while being stuck inside.

Of course I want to do that.

If you are interested, visit to see what’s been made available for free of for a major discount.

The titles I have made free are:

Wanted: hero
  • Wanted: Hero
  • The Story of the Mimosa
  • A Midsummer Night Adventure
  • Green Haven
  • The Devil’s Diary

These books will be free until April 20th of this year. Price changes will NOT trickle down to Barnes and Nobles, Apple, Kobo etc, so you will need to make a free Smashwords account.

Please share this news wherever you can, all the Smashwords authors thank you!

Kobie is waiting for you.

Kobie - Witch's Training

Kobie’s first adventure is available!

Who is Kobie, you ask?

Kobie’s up for her second and hopefully last attempt to pass her exams. She’s not the most zealous student so this presents a serious challenge. What she loves is to read – especially about witches. She would go through lengths to be a witch herself, so she devours anything about the subject she can get her hands on.

Her life is an ordinary one, almost to the point of boring, until she comes across a book with the title “Witch’s Training”. She has to have this book, and that tome has more in store for her than she could have hoped for. In her heart Kobie knows witches and magic don’t exist but this book is set on proving the opposite!

Can Kobie become a witch with the help of “Witch’s Training”? If yes, how does that come about? Strange happenings and a kidnapping are suddenly part of Kobie’s life, making it far more exciting than she had ever wished for.

The e-book is available via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Apple iBooks, 24Symbols and Kobo. If you can’t decide, please follow this Universal Book link and check out all the places where you can find the book!

Fantasy according to Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Prachett
Sir Terry Prachett

You may not know, but Sir Terry Pratchett is one of my heroes. He’s no longer among us, but his spirit will linger forever.

Just now, I found this piece of an interview with him, and it’s about writing fantasy. My genre of choice.

It’s (among other things) for this reason that I like fantasy. Reading it and writing it. You can find plenty of examples on my site, if you haven’t been here before. Hilda the Wicked Witch is one example, but there is lots more to find. Many of my author friends are also very well versed in Fantasy, like the wonderful Valerie Douglas.

Fantasy rules.

It was one of those nights

Sometimes a night like the previous one happens. A very wakeful night.

I was in bed and my brain did not want to shut down. Sometimes that happens. All I need to do then is to just lie there and wait. Usually in a few hours things in my head will calm down and sleep will come.


It didn’t last night. After two hours I was still wide awake while things about stories kept running around my brain. The more I tried to chase that stuff away, the less success I had. It was way past 11 at night (some people call that early evening, I don’t) when I got up and brought out the Chromebook.

I started writing down all the things that were keeping me awake and added a bunch of other ideas and plot-lines and events and problems and deaths. That took a while. Eventually my mind calmed down and so I put the Chromebook away, switched off the lights, talked to Obsi for a while (he was surprised about all that night-time activity) and finally sleep arrived.

Until 4 in the morning. You guessed it: ideas had come up.

That’s the writer’s brain in a nutshell and a short night.

Nanowrimo. It’s a-coming…

“Isn’t that Hitler?”
Yes, it was.
“Why is he only in shit down to his knees?”
Dammit. He always does that.
“Hitler, you crap-head! Get off Mussolini’s shoulders NOW!”

The Devil's Diary
Book 1

Yes, November’s getting closer.

And the quote up there, as well as the book’s image beneath it, should be some foreshadowing as to what will happen in that same November.

Indeed. A follow-up to the Devil’s Diary. Getting to this point has been a strange journey – and it’s not even November!

What was so strange about this trip?

Ideas flowing in and out. And in. And out. And…

You get the picture.

The devil’s diary was quite a weird piece of work. I’m not sure if I ever got close to reproducing something like that. Not even the Story of the Mimosa was so insane. I knew for a while already I wanted to follow up on the Diary.

Happy devil

The thing is that I’ve become more and more an atheist and writing about heaven and hell is kind of a strange concept from that point of view. But… a good writer always finds a way. So I had an idea. And threw that away. And another one. You get it: it took quite a while before finally, about 3 days ago, an idea hit me that would actually work.

And now I am looking at a spreadsheet that has 30 rows, one for each day and chapter, and only 6 of those rows still need some text: a subject for the chapter and the day. Which means that, for the first 3 weeks at least, I have enough ammunition to unleash on hell, heaven and everyone and around that area.

Let it begin already!

I feel I am ready for it. Let it start. Let me go crazy with Bill and Maurice and Nafaru and a bunch of Archangels who will go mad with everything I have in store for them.

I don’t know how much I can share with you while the mad train is on the loose, but I’ll do my best to let you know. Either here on the blog, and/or over on Facebook and MeWe.

1 – The old cemetery

I am Otto. Okay, officially I am Ottomar van Breekelenburgh-Hoofmeyer, but most people think that’s too long. So do I, by the way, but that’s the family I was born into.

Let’s try this again. I’m Otto. Otto van Bree. And I have a problem. My problem is that I’m allergic to blood. You’d think that is an easy thing to get over but when you’re a vampire, that shines a new light on it, doesn’t it? It’s like a living person being allergic to food. Food is survival, and not eating is… putting a different spin on life. Sure, I’m not bothered by dying because I’m already dead. I did mention something about a vampire, didn’t I? That’s me, and also that’s why I am here and now where I’m originally from.

I belong in the 17th century. That’s where everything started. That’s where I was born as the child of normal people and that’s where I grew up. That is where I learnt to read and write, because my parents were doing pretty well, and that’s where I fell in love for the first time. And bitten. No, the biting wasn’t part of the first love; she wasn’t a vampire.

You know… the weird thing is that I had just spent an evening visiting her and her family when it happened. It had been a wonderful evening. Annegien and I sat next to each other and sometimes we even held hands. Now I can hear you think: is that a fun evening with your sweetheart? Let me tell you that things were very different from the twenty-first century, but of course, you young ones wouldn’t know about that. Annegien’s parents trusted me because they knew and trusted my family. The Van Breekelenburgh-Hoofmeyer family was well respected and that gave me certain privileges. Like holding Annegien’s hand at her home. You can’t hear me sigh but I could have had a wonderful life with her.

Unfortunately, on that blasted evening, after saying goodbye, things went wrong. I was somewhat inebriated by the powerful port her father liked to pour and so I forgot the warning not to go home using the old cemetery as a shortcut. It was rumoured that it wasn’t a safe place, but with a drunk head from the port and a drunk heart from being with Annegien I was too stupid and chose the shortest route. That was how I discovered that the old cemetery was indeed not safe. “An unsafe place full of lowlifes,” was said, but I didn’t care.

At first it was just difficult to navigate the cemetery, because during the day almost no one was there either, so all the trails were hardly maintained. Everywhere there were branches and twigs, and in many places there were bits and pieces of the bad life, left behind by robbers and other unpleasant folk. I had fallen several times already, and the port in my veins made getting up harder and harder.

The first notion something was really wrong at the cemetery came to me when I smelled the stench. That was around me everywhere and in the dark I couldn’t find my way. I had a fancy dagger with me but that would be worthless in a fight. Still I held it in my hand. I had used it to chase off madmen and drunkards before so I hoped I could do the same here. Nothing was further from the truth, though.

Something rushed past me. I sensed it more than I could see it. I already mentioned it was dark. The creature slapped the dagger from my hand and broke two of my fingers as it did so. I still think that my screams of pain were heard in the centre of the town. Indeed, not safe.

Then something hit me from behind and I fell down in the dirt. I realised my life was about to end when I noticed three shapes approaching me. One of them knelt down on my back. The smell of cheap, red wine was disgusting. The second shape grabbed both my arms and twisted them behind my back. The third one knelt next to me.

“Ye should not have come here, weakling,” the voice said. The man spoke Dutch with a foreign accent. “Ye know this place, right? But ye’re lucky, we’ll let you go. Not now, not like that. But when all is done.” It made no sense at all.

“Get off me,” was all I could say before I got a whack in the head that made me see all kinds of new stars. I am glad I never saw those again, truth be told. The last thing I remember after that was a short, burning pain in my neck, after which I fell asleep. At least, that is what I thought then.

The odd thing was that I woke up without a headache. The port from the cellars in Annegien’s house was usually headache-inducing so this was a very strange experience. The next strange experience was that the ceiling looked like rough, wooden planks.

“He is awake,” I heard someone say in an odd accent. I had heard that before. Then I remembered. The night before, at the cemetery. I tried to sit up and got halfway. Then I got nauseous and fell back on the hard mattress, which had to be a sack of straw. The next moment I felt a hand beneath my head. I looked up again and saw the face of a young woman, about my age. She was filthy and she had big, dark eyes in a pale face.

“Here. Sit and drink. Or you will perish,” she said. I was shocked. She helped me sit up and held a bowl in front of me. I drank.