Clara’s Eyes is now available!

Dear reader

With joy and pride I’m here to tell you about yet another book that has appeared on the e-shelves of many stores around the internet.

Small cover Clara's EyesClara’s Eyes is available as of now.

You can find the book on, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble already. If you prefer a paperback copy, you can find that at

Ron Brooks is a painter from a small town in Virginia. When he’s contacted by a large art corporation in Manhattan, his life makes a big turn into what promises to be a fantastic direction. Even an exhibition lies in his future. While he works on making a living and a name for himself, strange things happen in his personal life as well. A painting that proves to be more than just a painting is the start of more twists and turns than Ron could have imagined. Welcome to the world of painting and big money while you look into Clara’s Eyes.

Hilda’s 13th adventure, Hilda – The House – is now available!

Dear reader,

Did you know that 13 is Hilda’s lucky number?

Crappedy crap, scribe, let me do this. I can see you’re going down Babble Road again and that’s not what people are waiting for! So here is the news for anyone who’s interested in news: THE NEW BOOK IS OUT!

Hilda 13 the house 320
You can find the newest book in the series at, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes and in print at For Kobobooks you may need a bit of patience.

As 13 is indeed my lucky number, you can get the book at a discount for the first 13 weeks that it’s out. After that you’re not in luck, you’ll have to pay the full copper for it.

And while we’re talking about that, why is it only copper, scribe? Don’t you think my books are worth at least a silver?