Long time, no post. And now: a new book. Devil’s Diary part 2

Yes, it’s true. A new Devil’s Diary is coming out, and it will happen in a week, on July 11th.

Welcome to book 2, compiled of entries of the Devil’s Diary.

The Devil’s Diary 2 takes you along on another trail of mishaps, bad stuff, fun stuff and weird stuff. If you haven’t read the first Devil’s Diary, some of the characters might be a little alien to you – but if you did read that, it might still feel that way.

Again, a devil’s life isn’t all brimstone and roses, but this time an archangel supplies a nice surprise in Bill’s life.


Who is Bill, you ask?

Step into Hell and find out!

I shall include the same disclaimer that is also in book 1:

This book is not for the very religious or the faint of heart.

This book appeared during November of 2019, in the famous Nanowrimo month. I had too much fun writing it. I hope you will take the disclaimer to heart, don’t feel threatened by it and join me in some laughter!

Witches float my boat. Or do they fly my broom?

Witches got me started.

Hilda the Wicked Witch
The first one

All you faithful followers of this erratic and occasionally updated blog will be aware that I have this thing with witches. In fact my whole writing/publishing ‘career’ started with a witch we all know. Grimhilda the Wicked Witch. Hilda for friends.

Here you see the very first cover of the very first story. My, a lot has changed…

And now there’s a new witch on the block!

Ladies and gentlemen alike… may I present…

Kobie Ketelaars. A new witch?

Some of you may already know Kobie. She started life in Dutch but I thought it so much fun that I have rewritten her story into English.

What can I tell you about Kobie?

Kobie’s up for her second and hopefully last attempt to pass her exams. She’s not the most zealous student so this presents a serious challenge. What she loves is to read – especially about witches. She would go through lengths to be a witch herself, so she devours anything about the subject she can get her hands on.

Her life is an ordinary one, almost to the point of boring, until she comes across a book with the title “Witch’s Training”. She has to have this book, and that tome has more in store for her than she could have hoped for. In her heart Kobie knows witches and magic don’t exist but this book is set on proving the opposite!

Can Kobie become a witch with the help of “Witch’s Training”? If yes, how does that come about? Strange happenings and a kidnapping are suddenly part of Kobie’s life, making it far more exciting than she had ever wished for.

So there you have it. A new book is set to appear. The date of dates for Kobie is March 7th, so it will be a while, but no worries: time passes quickly these days!

Cordelia’s story is out!

You may wonder who Cordelia is. She’s the main character in the new science-fiction / time-travel book that release today.

From Time To Time cover

By the time you see this, the e-book is available on all the major e-book shelves. Coincidentally I got the paperback print proof in today!

I apologise for the horrible lighting but trust me, it looks really good. My thanks to Destiny Hawkins of Vibrant Designs for creating this amazing cover. The paperback should be available within 2 or 3 days. I’ll update the “From Time To Time” book page for it then.

I hope you will enjoy travelling with Cordelia!

From time to time… a new book appears…

And it looks as if that time is coming closer.

From Time To Time cover

Meet Cordelia. She’s a technie at a lab where time machines are made. Something bad happens so she runs off. To the past. That’s where she tries to make a living, together with her STAR (one of the time machines).

The e-books are scheduled to come out on January 11th and in most important e-book stores it’s already available for pre-order!

Amazon has it, Kobo and Apple iBooks have it, and Barnes&Noble also shows the book already!

Let there be queens. Of rock. Or rocks?

Yes, it happened. My post is a bit late since the new Hilda book appeared yesterday, but it’s out there, in the wild.

Hilda - Queen of the Rock (book 23)

Queen of the Rock.

Book 23. Amazing. It took a while to get it all done. Sorry about that. I hope your reading pleasure won’t be less because of the wait.

Hilda and friends and family face new challenges when they are inundated with questions and requests from queens. Even Queen Velma calls for help, which isn’t a regular occurrence in Hilda’s world.

Who is the queen of the rock? And what is it?

You will be able to find out all and more in this new book!

For now the book is available at 
SmashwordsAmazonAmazon.co.ukAmazon.deAmazon.nlAmazon.itAmazon.frAmazon.esAmazon.caAmazon.auBarnes&NobleApple iTunesKobo. The paperback is still in the works but that shouldn’t be much longer!

Yes. It’s been a while. And yes…

The new adventure of Hilda the Wicked Witch is approaching.

August 3rd 2019 is the date, and the e-book store closest to you is the place. I can’t promise I’ll be there in person, but the book will be, so fire up your e-readers!

Hilda - Queen of the Rock. (BOok 23)

Pretty cover, isn’t it? Ominous and meaningful – as soon as you know the story.

As usual, the paperback will come out later…

For those curious, let me treat you to chapter one already! Others: don’t go beyond this line.

Continue reading “Yes. It’s been a while. And yes…”

It’s been a long time coming… Baba Yaga

Yes. It’s actually happening.

The story is written. It is edited. It is formatted. It is compiled into an e-book. And it is on its way out to the shops. Amazon and Smashwords both have approved the new book, and the latter is currently pushing the book to the other stores.

Behold. The cover. I think it’s beautiful. Thank you, Sophie Cohen, for creating it.

The story tells about Baba Yaga and the time she’s been in her home country, after leaving school and Hilda’s village. It’s become a story that is much ‘darker’ than the Hilda books, but it turned out well, I think. Of course, it’s up to you, the reader, to pass the final judgment on that.

As soon as the book is more widely available, I’ll post the links to where you can find it. For now, you can hop over to Amazon or Smashwords. I’m still working on the paperback; that will be done later.

I really hope you will like this spin-off book, this companion to the Hilda series.


Good news is on its way.

Cover Hilda 22 Butterfly Gardens

It’s actually going to happen. Soon. Book 22 in the Hilda ‘saga’.

I’m not going to write down the title of the book. That’s something you will have to figure out for yourself, but something tells me that’s not too difficult at this point.

The e-book will be available as soon as possible. Okay, the paperback will be too, but as usual, that takes a little longer. If there are any candidates who think the paperback should come out first, please let me know. 😉

I have taken a gamble with this book. When I started writing it, I wasn’t certain if the idea would actually work, so I evaluated the story ‘so far’ after five chapters. Called in support teams. Spent time meditating about it in solitary caves in India (funny how a couch can become a cave in India when you need it). Thought about future options concerning this road I was about to take with Hilda and William. (No, I didn’t actually go to the future. I don’t have a Delorean!)

If you go back to the future, do it in style!

But… the future is here. I’m writing Hilda 23 and the road ahead looks good. Bumpy. What else can you expect from our wicked witch?

Just now I have unleashed a command on my computer:

Hilda_22$ pandoc *md -o ~/tmp/Hilda22.odt

This may not seem like much, but it is the start of creating the actual books. I’m a command line junkie in many respects. Well, for now I’ll spare you more of this nonsense and I’ll continue making a proper e-book from the result of said command.

We(*) all hope you’re going to experience a wonderful weekend!


* – Hilda, William, Grim, Obsi, Johanna, Baba Yaga, Charisma and lots of others!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, and it sounds like Hilda.

Yes, dear reader.

Hilda. The wicked witch we all know and love. There is going to be a new book. Number 21. I’m still impressed with her…

Let me give this to you first:


Yes. This is what will happen on March 31st, a week from now. Rapunzel 2.0. And what is the story about?

There was a ghost that left damage. Lots of it.

Hilda and William of course lend a hand to fix things up and meet someone who will have a great impact on the citizens of Sunrise. Who is this person? Where is she from?

Next to these questions, Hilda, William and another magical person come to the rescue of Rapunzel, discover architectural surprises in two magical sisters, and face the problem of addressing the Squeamish once again.

As you see, there are quite some magical people involved. I hope you agree with the amount. I’ve tried to make them interesting and entertaining!

The e-book (as usual) will come out first – it’s available for pre-order at Amazon , Barnes&Noble , Apple iTunes and Smashwords already. The other book stores will follow as soon as possible, but they should have it for you by next week. I’m still working on the paperback version of the book, but that’s coming along nicely as well.

That’s the news for now. I hope it made your weekend a little better!



If ever you need an adventurer, here’s where he is!

Dear reader!

I am not sorry for shouting! There is a new book available!

Wanted: adventurer

In this sequel to “Wanted: hero” we follow Sabas and his alien bride Reny as they are looking for their own home. When they receive an invitation to visit the Souverein and his family again, they are immediately up for the journey there. A concert and meeting someone who works in a library are the starting points for an adventure into an area on Nilib-6 that Sabas has never heard of. Remarkable encounters and unexpected discoveries are the fast paced elements of this new trip for the two. Will they ever get home? Why do they go up in the air? And will Sabas and Reny succeed in becoming parents? You can find the answer to these and more questions in “Wanted: adventurer”.

Much time has passed for this one.

It took me a  long time to write this book. That’s the problem with a head full of ideas and projects, a job outside writing and several other things concerning this oddity called ‘life’.

I hope you will appreciate this book. I loved writing it and exploring the world of Nillib-6 for you. Follow in the footsteps of our heroes and spend some time in Oldness with them. If you don’t know where that is, take the next shuttle out there!

Where can you find it?

The e-book is available at Smashwords, Amazon, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.nl, Amazon.it, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.ca, Amazon.au, Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo.

Unfortunately the paperback is still in the making. I’ll let you know when that’s available; I know there are still many people who prefer a paper book over an e-book, which I understand entirely!