Indie promotion – The Color of Darkness

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It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion:

The Color of Darkness and Other Stories

The Color of Darkness
by Alexandria Publishing Group author Donna K. Fitch

Ebook Short Description:

The Color of Darkness will change the way you look at your morning commute.  Sienna Shelby insists she can divine the future by observing the patterns of vehicle colors. Courier Brendan Mitchell, who drives the interstate every day, is skeptical. But will their relationship succeed when her powerful employer warns him to stay away from her, and when Sienna herself warns Brendan that fate has something dangerous in store for all of them?
Detour: A peaceful walk with your grandfather may evoke memories you’d rather not experience firsthand.
Quantum Critique: Does criticism of a painting literally destroy it?


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Indie promotion – The Lay of Angor

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Welcome. How is winter treating you? When you’re cold or otherwise in need of something to warm you up, today’s Indie Promotion might just be the ticket for you:

The Lay of Angor book 1: Gondarlan

Lay of Angor
by Rae Andrew

Ebook Short Description: The Lay of Angor is a racy historical romance for adults. Written in an affectionate pastiche of the ‘high fantasy’ style, it tells the story of Elinor, Princess of Gondarlan, as she journeys from a troubled teen into womanhood.

In the first episode, Gondarlan, her father King Thorund is beset by pressing problems. Hakon, his ambitious Warlord, lusts for the Princess – and for the throne he would gain by marrying her – so that he and his scheming crony, Archbishop Sigismund, can spread Gondaran dominion over the Urth. But their war-mongering operations are temporarily scuppered when Thorund welcomes a delegation from the far-off Republic of Angor, bringing an unexpected new suitor for Elinor’s hand: Jehan Sol-Lios, the Angorian Elect.

Jehan and his companions arrive at Castle Thorsgard and try to win the hearts and minds of their hosts – with varying degrees of success. Elinor and Hakon plot to avoid the Angorian alliance by setting the Elect a potentially fatal challenge; but the Princess is forced to concede that going with him to Angor would be the lesser of the evils she faces. Besides, union with Sol-Lios is no foregone conclusion… she may yet succeed in manipulating events to win the husband she secretly dreams of, the dashing Prince Eduard of Faal. And so, after an eventful Feast of Farewells, the Princess leaves her homeland with Berthe and Fran, her ladies-in-waiting, to embark on her adventures and set her plans in motion…

Note that this book is adult only.

Where to find.
You can find the e-book on