Do you know what a Duende is?

If you said ‘no’, then it’s time for you to find out.

Duendes and another kind of creature, called Anjana (in fact many of them), appear in the new Hilda story that’s set for publication on the next Saturday.

It is already available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords, so that’s a bit of good news (right?).

I’m certain that the book is already rolling out to the other e-book locations (all in a browser near you), so things should be “shiny” by the end of the coming week!

When a certain señor arrives in Sunrise, looking for Johanna, all signs point to a new adventure. The man asks Johanna to travel to the Strong Wind Islands with him, because there is a big problem: the local fairies are going missing, and no one knows where they go, or what causes them to disappear.

Hilda and family can’t let Johanna travel alone, so they all join. The journey is interesting, to say the least, and Hilda’s encounter with Johanna’s homeland, its people and food, and also the clothing is not what she could have expected. Isla makes a few changes, and Oona and Hilda come up with a bit of very creative ‘body work’.

Enjoy your trip to the Strong Wind Islands, and find out what’s going on with Duendes and Anjanas.

Would you like to spend the night at Quay Hotel?

Yes, dear reader,

This is a very serious question. Quay Hotel isn’t your average hotel, as the main character in this short story realises all too well. In a way it’s like ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.

This is my first attempt to write a horror story. It came out ‘horrorbly’, I think, but I’ll leave the final word to you.

As to what this book is about:

A man somehow gets lost in his own town after dropping off his girl at the airport. He has to spend the night at Quay Hotel. It‘s a night he‘ll never forget…

The e-book is available at Amazon,,,,,,,,, Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, Page Foundry/Inktera.

You may notice there’s no paperback available. That’s because the cost for that would be totally unbalanced to the size of the book. Maybe someday I’ll have written enough ‘horrorble’ stories to compile all of them into a paper book.


A financial announcement

Dear reader,

euFlagThe E.U. in all its wisdom has decided that e-books need to be charged with VAT as of January 1st 2015. Taxes. This is not something the indie author community has asked for, it’s something in the money game.

This means that all the books that are for sale in European e-book stores (among which and will go up in price. The increase in price won’t be dramatic but when you see price changes all of a sudden then this is the reason.

I thought it important to let you know about this in advance. If you are on my mailing list you’ll receive this message through there as well. I’m sorry for double information but that’s always better than none at all and then being surprised.



A real book. Is it what you hold in your hands?

Dear reader,

Many a question’s being asked about what is a book. A real book. I think that’s a valid question, and also something that only can be answered from the right point of view. Books

A book always used to be something made of paper, with a cover around it, and words inside that smell of ink.






The digital revolution bestowed the e-book upon us, with a cover around it that looks like a little machine (e.g. e-reader, tablet or even a smartphone), and the smell of ink is absent for now (but wait for it, technology will catch up on that!).

So what is a book? Is it the medium that carries the story, the paper, the ink, the weight that comes with it? Or is it the story that’s conveyed, regardless of the medium it’s read from? Do you read a book or do you read a story? I think it’s fair to say that both options are true and real, and books are books, be they paper or e. As for the weight that comes with a book… e-readers have weight too and that can be a blessing for people who have problems holding up the big paper tomes.

There will always be paper books. There will always be e-books. And that’s the grand thing. Stories appear on both media, so you can take your pick. There is no absolute in what’s the best. The absolute could be your personal preference, and that’s not even a fixed point because there are people who appreciate a heavy, smelly book when they’re at home, but who take their e-reading device along when they travel (for instance when they don’t want to risk damaging the paper version).

The choice is yours.

Hilda’s 13th adventure, Hilda – The House – is now available!

Dear reader,

Did you know that 13 is Hilda’s lucky number?

Crappedy crap, scribe, let me do this. I can see you’re going down Babble Road again and that’s not what people are waiting for! So here is the news for anyone who’s interested in news: THE NEW BOOK IS OUT!

Hilda 13 the house 320
You can find the newest book in the series at, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes and in print at For Kobobooks you may need a bit of patience.

As 13 is indeed my lucky number, you can get the book at a discount for the first 13 weeks that it’s out. After that you’re not in luck, you’ll have to pay the full copper for it.

And while we’re talking about that, why is it only copper, scribe? Don’t you think my books are worth at least a silver?


Gezocht: held. Een Nederlands science-fiction boek.

Dear reader, this is going to be a post in Dutch, my “other” language. Don’t worry, everything is as much under control as it was before. (Maybe you should keep worrying after all.)

Beste lezer,

Het is er dan eindelijk van gekomen. Een boek in het Nederlands. Een science-fiction boek waar hard aan is gewerkt.

Gezocht: held“Gezocht: held” is een boek over een bedrijfsconsultant die van de regen in de drup komt in zijn leven. Een overstroming in zijn kelder (nog meer regen) zorgt ervoor dat zijn hele leven ondersteboven gaat.

“Als Sebastiaan Veldert vreemd licht in zijn kelder ziet weet hij niet wat hem te wachten staat.
Een bizarre reis naar een andere planeet en een onbekend ras wiens planeet bezet wordt door een nog vreemder ras zijn enkel het begin van een ongelofelijk avontuur.

Sebastiaan’s stoutste dromen halen het niet bij wat hem allemaal te wachten staat.”

“Gezocht: held” is momenteel enkel te koop als e-boek, aan de papieren versie wordt echter hard gewerkt.

Het e-book is momenteel te koop via (helaas is de cover-afbeelding daar nog steeds niet terecht), Smashwords en alle Amazon winkels voor Kindle-eigenaren. Kobobooks en Barnes&Noble, alsook de Apple iTunes winkel komen zo spoedig mogelijk beschikbaar.

Hilda 13 – cover reveal

Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers all,

Today already I can present to you what’s to become for real in two weeks. On the 17th of this month the 13th book in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series will see the light of day. For the occasion of this being Hilda’s lucky number, the price of the book will be $1.99 for the first 13 weeks! But wait, before you rush off to your time machines to make it to the 17th, first behold…

the cover…

And let me assure you that Hilda did not undergo a face change nor any other kind of plastic surgery.

Y. Yes. #AtoZChallenge

azbloggingY. Yes

Dear reader,

Yes! That is all I can say to this strange road that lies behind me. Behind me? Yes! Behind me. Almost four years of actual book-publishing lie behind me, and yes, it was an incredible journey. Even more yes, because I’m ready for more of this.

There will be more adventures of Hilda the Wicked Witch and if possible there will also be a sequel to the first Lily Marin novel. More science fiction and fantasy. I can only say yes to all that, and all this came to pass because of a writing contest I did with a few friends, someone who kept nagging me to publish that first little Hilda book, and because of all of you, dear readers. My heartfelt thanks for each and every one of you who have bought and downloaded my books, and who have sent me such encouraging words, such lovely and touching e-mails and so on. Also a big thank you to everyone at the Alexandria Publishing Group for their support, camaraderie and advice.

It’s taken many years before I reached the point where I could truly understand and embrace my love for writing. I’ve always loved books and reading, but writing added an amazing dimension to the world of words and I’ll be eternally grateful for getting there. Maybe there’s something of a lesson for each of us in this, dear reader. No matter how long something takes, if it’s meant to be, if there is love for something in your heart, it will find a way.

So what is more appropriate than to end this post with Yes, and their hit single Love will find a way:

Lily Marin – The Novel is available!

Dear reader,

Lily Marin Novel CoverYes. It’s done. This book, the novel about Lily Marin is available as of now, and I present it to you with great pride.

You can find Lily Marin – The Novel at, Barnes & Noble, Apple Itunes and Amazon, while more stores are coming as soon as possible.

In print the book is already available via

If you like the book, I’d appreciate it if you were to write a review about it, and if you like it so much that you’d love to see a sequel to the book, please tell me about it!