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Dear reader.

Perhaps I should apologise upfront for posting these reviews. I shall, however, not do so. Over time I have learnt that many people like what I write. I also learnt that many people do not like it, as they find my use of English, grammar, spelling and other oddities most appalling, amateuristic (or “amature”, as one esteemed reviewer wrote). To everyone who posted or posts reviews, I extend my gratitude. From some I learn something. I shrug over some others. And the ones I am posting here really made me happy and encourage me to write more. Because written reviews are great. (Even the bad ones, although these are a little less great, of course.)

Barnes and Nobles:
♥ If you can’t take a few swear words, then this is not the book for you. I think Paul Kater is doing a great job with this series. Lighten up people.

♥ I’m looking forward to finding out what Hilda is up to next!
♥ what a book! usually witches are so romanticized that it’s boring!! this had me laughing out loud(lol).hilda was mean~spirited in a loveable way. i would’ve paid for this book but kindle was nice enough to offer it for free. please try this book. hope the author continues this character in futre books! nice going kindle(you rock).

♥ What a great book!!!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I was cheering for Hilda. She is such a great character. This book made me laugh at times. I hated to see it end so quickly. For such a short read this book was so well defined. It had a beginning, middle and an interesting ending. I hope to see more of Hilda.

Barnes and Noble:
♥ Overall, this book was a great read. The author has a fun and inviting writing style, that almost forces you to enjoy the story. He cleverly incorporates familiar characters, which helps draw you in. For a man that by day is an IT (as stated in the ‘about the author’ section) he has a gift that many english majors would kill for. So, kudos to the author! After reading this I found other books about Hilda ‘The Wicked Witch’, and my only complaint is that I wish I had read them im order. I would suggest you first read his book about Hilda before diving into this. There is also one that follows it that you can find on Smashwords! Enjoy!

♥ This story will not go well with those that are in love with Disney or the Brothers Grimm it takes eleents from about every fantasy ever and makes it into a quirky fun and light read.
♥ Hilda the Wicked Witch is back! I loved the first one and enjoyed this one as much. That Hilda is such a clever, clever girl! And those dwarfs are hilarious — you’ll find out why they really enjoyed having Snow White stay at their cottage. Mr. Kater’s writing is LOL witty! He’s definitely growing as a writer! I recommend this book highly although it’s inappropriate for children under the age of 17. It’s a fun, easy to read twist on a fairytale classic that’ll make you look at the Snow White story in a whole new way. Congratulations, Paul!

♥ Well, she’s back! This is one of the most likeable witches to be sooo mean. She reminds me of Alexis from Dynasty.
I cannot wait for further adventures of Hilda. The stories are captivating and fun. I like that she is not excessively cruel- but just to the edge.
In this book she comes to the aide of Snow White simply because she does not like the wicked step-mother.
She has a talking house with an attitude. A taste for unusual sleepwear and a twisted sense of humor.
I do recommend this book to anyone that likes to read “a good story with fun characters.
I believe that Mr. Paul Kater has stumbled upon the right combination of storytelling and writing skills. I know that I want to see more of Hilda.

♥ Let’s face it, it’s not easy having a wicked witch as a protagonist to root for, yet somehow this author pulls it off.

Barnes and Noble:
♥ Just a great entertaining read. Fun, fun, fun! Could not stop until finished. An adult (but not anything X or even R) ‘fairytale’ with all the right enchanting elements. Must read the 1st two books as an intro to characters, but they are well worth the read too. I hope there will be more ‘Hilda’ to come. Will definately follow this writer.

♥ I enjoyed getting to know William and Hilda a little better in this book and had such a good time enjoying the escapism while reading….didn’t get my housework done..oh well…right? lol…am loving this series.

♥ I am so glad I picked up this book! It was a very original story with a line that just moved right along. I would get irritated at interruptions and even now that I’m done I want to go back into the world of Hilda and visit with them again!

♥ I have enjoyed reading this book. The story was amazingly written and the characters we’re fascinating. Well I for one did not expect Grim-Hilda falling in love and Baba Yaga having bff’s. All in all, the story was exciting and lots of humor.

Barnes and Noble:
♥ This is the fourth in the “Hilda” series and as with the other 3 it does not disappoint. Kater is right on with providing interesting entertainment and sheer reading enjoyment. As an adult lover of witches, wizards and such, I find these books on a level that will not shock or offend the reader. The real gift of these books are that they are free, so take the time for good reading pleasure. Looking forword to more of “Hilda” from Paul Kater. Enjoy…

Barnes and Noble:
♥ Please keep this series going. When a break is needed from heavy gloomy or you know the Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams kind of sci-fi. These books are in my opinion better than Piers Anthoney for a light engrossing read. Thanks for the hours of fun, excitement, and reading pleasure you are giving me.

♥ Keep up the great stories. Every one is filled with wild imagination and Hilda is the best witch ever.

Barnes and Noble:
♥ The characters are great and the stories are imaginative. I love Hilda and her adventures!

♥ I Loved this whole series!!!!!!

♥ this was the best book in the hilda the wicked witch series..i just loved the references to Dr. Who in the story..if you enjoy scfi comedy this is the book to read. but in order to understand alot you need to read the first 5 books..Enjoy and happy reading

Barnes and Noble:
♥ Waiting for the next one. Very few errors in this one. Just so you know I always ignored them and fixed them in my head. Doesn’t even slow me down. Just a witchy thing I do.

♥ Another great Hilda adventure.

♥ Love this series of books and this is one of my favorites. The characters introduced in this book will leave you wanting more . Hope to read about Caroline, Krypteria and Ciela in the future.

♥ I love all the Hilda series books Paul Kater has written. They are so adventurous and entertaining and the best part is most of them are free. This one (at a low cost) was another new adventure with some old and new characters, difficult situations, and a Dragon. It is at the same standard as the earlier books and recommended if you like Witches, Magic, Adventure, Fantasy.
 Interesting & addicting Book. You do not want to put this book down. Start this book next thing you know you are at the end,and you have to buy the next one.

Barnes and Noble:
♥ It was free so I decided to check it out without any real expectations. Not only was pleasantly surprised, but I can’t wait to read more from this author. Read it & enjoy.

♥ I found these 3 stories to be different from the type of writing I usually read. But, being a follower of the author, I thought I would give them a try. The book is a very quick read. But, all three stories kept my interest and they all have an open ending, leaving room for expansion of the characters and sequels. I really enjoy all of Paul Kater’s writing, so I would recommend giving this a quick try.

Apple iTunes:
 Wonderful story and I would love to see more about Miss Lily Marin and the masked woman. (5-star review)

Diaspora, a social media site:
♥ What a wonderful book to read. There is so much in it. I was surprised at how long and intricate it turned out to be. Very nice ending for our hero too.

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  1. Love the whole Hilda series of books. They just seem to get better & better, with better plots & more interesting characters. I am eagerly awaiting the next one!

  2. Dearest Paul, I am 72 yrs old and I think this is probably the most enjoyable series of books I have ever read. Do you plan anymore of the HILDA books? I certainly hope so. I have read all of them I can find (8), is that all of them?
    Love your style and THANK YOU for adding joy in my life.

    1. Dear Beverly, thank you so much for this praise, I feel proud, and so does the witch. There currently are 9 Hilda-books out. I shall send you an e-mail with the links to the stores where it is available.

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