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Book review – The Last Page

Title: The Last Page
Author: Anthony Huso
Genre: Steampunk

Anthony Huso paints a very fascinating world in which royalty faces all kinds of challenges including a war, while alchemy and witchcraft (called holomorphy in this story) take an important place in the story.

During the first chapters I had a hard time staying focussed on the story, but once I got past that hurdle, the story pulled me into a vibrant world with intrigue, hidden agendas, dirigibles and myth. Rebels and a “love you, love you not” game made the book a very nice experience for me, which fed me with ideas for future stories as well.

The setting of the story is laid out very nicely, with plenty of space for personal interpretation of many things. The technology and other matters devised are good and in many ways refreshing and new. (For me.)


The sixth book…

Actually it is the eighth. But I already digress.

Yesterday the sixth book in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series hit the virtual shelves of Unbelievable that the first book appeared on Smashwords only in June of 2010.

This probably shows that writing Hilda’s stories is a fun activity for me. If it doesn’t, then please know that writing Hilda’s stories is a fun activity for me!

If you care to have a look, go ahead. You don’t have to worry about throwing your money away, because this book, as well as the previous five, as free downloads.