About Paul Kater

Who is he? A man, born in 1960, and an avid reader and writer.

Where is he? Currently he is in the Netherlands, living in a small town called Cuijk. He intends to stay there for a while.

What does he read? Preferably fantasy, science-fiction and steampunk at the moment.

What does he write? The same genres he reads. I assume this is not a big revelation. 😉


What does he do when doesn’t write? He’s employed as an IT-consultant, and likes to ride his bicycle, read, listen to music and goes into a fitness hall at least once a week.

19 thoughts on “About Paul Kater”

  1. Absolutely LOVED the Hilda books!! Great stories, funny and VERY entertaining… I can only hope that you a will write many more. Loved that you gave use the 1St 7 books for free. They really get you to WANT to read some more. I bought the 8the book and it was just as assume as the first 7. My only comment would be this: I know your from the Netherlands and English is not your native tounge. There for, I would suggest that you get someone to check for gammer and sentencing errors. It was fine in the free book but once we start paying for a book, we shouldn’t be seeing these kind of simple mistakes anymore. I love all your work so I would be more then happy to help.but since the I odds of you hiring me are very low, but PLEASE, get someone who can proof it and not only show you the problems, but the simple way to fix them so you can stop these simple errors before they even happen. I absolutely LOVE the great humor you put in ALL the Hilda stories and I Pray you will write many more!!

    Thanks for reading this, Ed

    1. Hello Ed, thank you for your enthusiastic reply to the Hilda books. I am very glad you appreciate them. Book 6, 7 and 8 were checked on spelling and grammar. Perhaps it is the fact that someone from England did this, and therefore that some parts of the spelling seem odd?

      Hilda book 9 is underway, and I already have plans for book 10, so there will be more.
      Thanks for writing!

  2. I love the Hilda series but Ed is right. There are issues and/or mistakes in the text. I’ve started highlighlighting the errors and would gladly send the notes to you. These are things that are not differences between American English and UK English.

    Your books are so entertaining. These little errors don’t prevent me from reading your books, but you deserve better proofing.


  3. I had a chance to meet Paul recently on his trip to Bristol and been kindly introduced to his great stories of Hilda and hers advantures. I have read only the first book so far and I loved it. Cannot wait to read the rest of them.
    Best of luck to the bright future…
    Jiri from Holiday Inn

  4. It’s now 3am and i just couldn’t put down book one Hilda, The Wicked Witch. I look forward to some sleep before starting on the next book. Thank you so much for creating Hilda and continued writing about her.

    Ill write a review in the apple book store very soon.

    1. Dear Christopher, Thank you for letting me know how much you appreciate the antics of Hilda. I hope she will not make you lose too much sleep!

  5. Greetings, Paul:

    I know you from perusing the Facebook Groups, but it is lovely to find your website and learn more about you and your writing. I, too, share a penchant for fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk works, and I look forward to what you have to contribute to the literary world.

    All the best,

    Rachel Hunter

    1. Hello Rachel! Thank you for your nice words. 🙂 I hope you like what you find. Nice to hear from someone who shares the same literary escapades!!

  6. I really enjoyed both Lily Marin books. Your writing has a very natural flow. I was able to picture the scenes very clearly in my mind. It says above you are currently working on a Lily Marin book. Any idea when it may be available? You have me hooked!

    Happy New Year

    1. Dear Mark,

      Thank you for letting me know how you liked Lily Marin. At this moment it is hard to predict when the Lily Marin novel will be finished. Writing “Lily” is hard work for me, so I don’t expect it to be done soon. I hope it will be this year, but I can’t do more than ‘hope’.


  7. Paul,
    Have read Aeroparts Factory, Bactine and the Lily Martin books.
    They are geat reads, but Hilda and William’s stories show case to me
    your talent and humor. The Wicked Witch series is awsome and I hope
    to read many more of their adventures.
    Thank You!!!

    1. Cliff,
      thank you for your very kind words. Rest assured, there is a lot more Hilda and William coming. So far the plans for the books up to number 14 are laid out. 🙂

  8. Is the character of Charisma in your book, Charisma: The Young Witch, the same Charisma that is mentioned to be Hilda’s sister? Will we ever meet Hilda’s sister? And finally, Will Hilda ever have children with William?

    1. Hello Jason,
      Yes, the Charisma in the children’s book is Hilda’s sister. Hilda is in the book as well, although only a little bit as that book is not about her.
      I am indeed looking at a way to get the sisters together and I think I have found a way and a story to do that. I’m not going to tell how and what of course, that has to remain a surprise!
      On Hilda and William becoming parents: several people have asked about that already. Maybe it will happen in the future, but at this moment I am not quite certain how to go about that, so I’ll wait with their conception until the possibilities and their future with one or more kids have spawned in my head.
      Thank you for asking!

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