January 2022. An update.

First off, welcome to the new year.

You have probably heard that a lot already, and each time might have made you cringe because the past few years haven’t been that great, life-wise. We’ll see if life says on the blocks, or if something will change.

What’s happening in the world of books?

A Girl Named Sandy

I’m slowly working on the sequel to “A girl named Sandy“. The second sequel, in fact. I once gave it a try, but that story didn’t go well so I scrapped that.

Now, after some time of cooling down, I have picked up the challenge once more. So far the story is unfolding along the lines I have in mind, which is a good thing. Let’s hope this time it’s going to work out.

Spoiler alert: they are reaching a new planet!

Then there is the 26th volume in the Hilda series.

Twenty-six… And people still aren’t fed up with the witch and her family. That’s impressive, to say the least. When I wrote the first story about the Wicked Witch, I had no idea it would get to this.

I hope that this new book is going to make a lot of people happy once it’s done. I’m currently writing the seventh chapter, so it will take a while before the final version sees the light, but it’s going to happen. Something exciting (or at least unexpected) is going to happen, and a prince called Darius Perspilex plays a part in it.

That’s the update, so far.

I hope the new year is treating you well, so far.


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