Do you know what a Duende is?

If you said ‘no’, then it’s time for you to find out.

Duendes and another kind of creature, called Anjana (in fact many of them), appear in the new Hilda story that’s set for publication on the next Saturday.

It is already available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords, so that’s a bit of good news (right?).

I’m certain that the book is already rolling out to the other e-book locations (all in a browser near you), so things should be “shiny” by the end of the coming week!

When a certain señor arrives in Sunrise, looking for Johanna, all signs point to a new adventure. The man asks Johanna to travel to the Strong Wind Islands with him, because there is a big problem: the local fairies are going missing, and no one knows where they go, or what causes them to disappear.

Hilda and family can’t let Johanna travel alone, so they all join. The journey is interesting, to say the least, and Hilda’s encounter with Johanna’s homeland, its people and food, and also the clothing is not what she could have expected. Isla makes a few changes, and Oona and Hilda come up with a bit of very creative ‘body work’.

Enjoy your trip to the Strong Wind Islands, and find out what’s going on with Duendes and Anjanas.

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