The devil went down to Georgia

And found another notebook for his diary.

And lucky me was there to witness it and the writing of it. The result of that is now available in most of the usual places. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

The Devil’s Diary 2

Welcome to book 2, compiled of entries of the Devil’s Diary.

The Devil’s Diary 2 takes you along on another trail of mishaps, bad stuff, fun stuff and weird stuff. If you haven’t read the first Devil’s Diary, some of the characters might be a little alien to you – but if you did read that, it might still feel that way.

Again, a devil’s life isn’t all brimstone and roses, but this time an archangel supplies a nice surprise in Bill’s life.


Who is Bill, you ask?

Step into Hell and find out!

I shall include the same disclaimer that is also in book 1:

This book is not for the very religious or the faint of heart.

The book is available at Smashwords, Amazon,,,,,,,,, Barnes&Noble, Kobo. We’re still working on the paperback!

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