It was one of those nights

Sometimes a night like the previous one happens. A very wakeful night.

I was in bed and my brain did not want to shut down. Sometimes that happens. All I need to do then is to just lie there and wait. Usually in a few hours things in my head will calm down and sleep will come.


It didn’t last night. After two hours I was still wide awake while things about stories kept running around my brain. The more I tried to chase that stuff away, the less success I had. It was way past 11 at night (some people call that early evening, I don’t) when I got up and brought out the Chromebook.

I started writing down all the things that were keeping me awake and added a bunch of other ideas and plot-lines and events and problems and deaths. That took a while. Eventually my mind calmed down and so I put the Chromebook away, switched off the lights, talked to Obsi for a while (he was surprised about all that night-time activity) and finally sleep arrived.

Until 4 in the morning. You guessed it: ideas had come up.

That’s the writer’s brain in a nutshell and a short night.

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