Nanowrimo. It’s a-coming…

“Isn’t that Hitler?”
Yes, it was.
“Why is he only in shit down to his knees?”
Dammit. He always does that.
“Hitler, you crap-head! Get off Mussolini’s shoulders NOW!”

The Devil's Diary
Book 1

Yes, November’s getting closer.

And the quote up there, as well as the book’s image beneath it, should be some foreshadowing as to what will happen in that same November.

Indeed. A follow-up to the Devil’s Diary. Getting to this point has been a strange journey – and it’s not even November!

What was so strange about this trip?

Ideas flowing in and out. And in. And out. And…

You get the picture.

The devil’s diary was quite a weird piece of work. I’m not sure if I ever got close to reproducing something like that. Not even the Story of the Mimosa was so insane. I knew for a while already I wanted to follow up on the Diary.

Happy devil

The thing is that I’ve become more and more an atheist and writing about heaven and hell is kind of a strange concept from that point of view. But… a good writer always finds a way. So I had an idea. And threw that away. And another one. You get it: it took quite a while before finally, about 3 days ago, an idea hit me that would actually work.

And now I am looking at a spreadsheet that has 30 rows, one for each day and chapter, and only 6 of those rows still need some text: a subject for the chapter and the day. Which means that, for the first 3 weeks at least, I have enough ammunition to unleash on hell, heaven and everyone and around that area.

Let it begin already!

I feel I am ready for it. Let it start. Let me go crazy with Bill and Maurice and Nafaru and a bunch of Archangels who will go mad with everything I have in store for them.

I don’t know how much I can share with you while the mad train is on the loose, but I’ll do my best to let you know. Either here on the blog, and/or over on Facebook and MeWe.

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