Let there be queens. Of rock. Or rocks?

Yes, it happened. My post is a bit late since the new Hilda book appeared yesterday, but it’s out there, in the wild.

Hilda - Queen of the Rock (book 23)

Queen of the Rock.

Book 23. Amazing. It took a while to get it all done. Sorry about that. I hope your reading pleasure won’t be less because of the wait.

Hilda and friends and family face new challenges when they are inundated with questions and requests from queens. Even Queen Velma calls for help, which isn’t a regular occurrence in Hilda’s world.

Who is the queen of the rock? And what is it?

You will be able to find out all and more in this new book!

For now the book is available at 
SmashwordsAmazonAmazon.co.ukAmazon.deAmazon.nlAmazon.itAmazon.frAmazon.esAmazon.caAmazon.auBarnes&NobleApple iTunesKobo. The paperback is still in the works but that shouldn’t be much longer!

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