I have a question for you, readers of the Hilda books

The question has to do with book 24. It concerns the (somewhat) endearing character of King Walt.

Basically, the question is: yay or nay?

The more extended version of this is: Do you like King Walt? Is there something about him you would like to see changed? Would you rather <gasp> like to see him (and Queen Velma) retired and replaced?

King Walt Cartoon

If you have a moment and an opinion about Walt, please let me know! You can do so in a comment to this post, via Twitter and on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “I have a question for you, readers of the Hilda books”

  1. Does this mean you are getting tired of him?
    When I read what surprising events you can think up for different people in your various books (kind of jealous for that), I think you still can keep him going for years.
    Maybe he even needs more attention; by arrival of an unknown or lost child perhaps?
    Just brainstorming.
    Kindest regards from Dr88.

  2. Oh no! We can’t lose King Walt! He’s a lovable character. I’m always wondering what shenanigans he’s up to. Besides, who would Hilda and William pick on?

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