It’s been a long time coming… Baba Yaga

Yes. It’s actually happening.

The story is written. It is edited. It is formatted. It is compiled into an e-book. And it is on its way out to the shops. Amazon and Smashwords both have approved the new book, and the latter is currently pushing the book to the other stores.

Behold. The cover. I think it’s beautiful. Thank you, Sophie Cohen, for creating it.

The story tells about Baba Yaga and the time she’s been in her home country, after leaving school and Hilda’s village. It’s become a story that is much ‘darker’ than the Hilda books, but it turned out well, I think. Of course, it’s up to you, the reader, to pass the final judgment on that.

As soon as the book is more widely available, I’ll post the links to where you can find it. For now, you can hop over to Amazon or Smashwords. I’m still working on the paperback; that will be done later.

I really hope you will like this spin-off book, this companion to the Hilda series.


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