Book review – Blood Curse, by Ursula Visser

Dear reader,

You may not know this writer. Ursula Visser is Dutch, like I am. And like me, that doesn’t stop her from writing in English.

I read her English book “Blood Curse”.

blood curse

“Blood curse” is the first book in Ursula’s “Dragon Queen” series.

I found it a well-written book with lots of speed. The characters were interesting and some of them quite stubborn (which is a good thing). In this book we meet the main character, Mara. We also meet dragons (which, seeing the series title, isn’t a big surprise).

Adventures are stacked on top of each other, mixed with surprises and revelations that Mara couldn’t have dreamed of. Near the end of the book there was a surprise I hadn’t even dreamed of. I can recommend it. If you are interested in learning more about Mara, you can find the e-book at The BlackSheep Indie website.

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